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The Stars Are Asking You to Keep an Open Mind

Today is full of passion, with Mercury and Mars giving our impulse control a run for its money in the morning, and the moon and Uranus offering new insights and opportunities. The morning might be better spent on your own, while later in the day you’ll want to share new experiences with others.

Mercury is Opposite Mars at 7:06 AM

This morning, Mercury in Libra opposes Mars in Aries, setting off conflict between our logic and our passion. If you’ve been holding onto resentment or anger, it might boil over today. With Mercury and Mars facing off, this will quite possibly come out in the form of angry words.

Mercury also rules the thoughts, however, and unspoken communication still has an effect on other people. In fact, it might be the catalyst for someone to unleash angry words toward you. So if someone unloads on you suddenly, don’t just assume you’re completely blameless. Do what you can to ward off defensiveness or reactionary confrontations today.

This transit can trigger tension and anxiety, so do everything in your power to promote relaxation. Make time for yoga, meditation, and journaling if you can. Open your mind to the possibility that this is a lesson you

Without precautionary measures, the risks of arguments or even physical confrontations can run high, as can possible injuries and accidents. Above all, exercise caution.

The Moon is Trine Uranus at 1:24 PM

This afternoon, the moon in Capricorn forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus, which offer a stabilizing energy to Mercury and Mars’ antics. This transit also brings change and excitement, though. You’re feeling like you’re on the brink of something new, and you should go with your gut.

While we were struggling to control our impulses this morning, a little bit of impulsivity is welcomed now. Keeping an open mind and going with the flow could initiate or rekindle relationships that could ultimately be beneficial.

You may find yourself drawn to people from different cultures or backgrounds than your own, which is always a good thing. You may also find that you’re attracted to someone new, though today is more ideal for initiating new friendships or flings than a serious partner.

Keep an open mind today, and pay attention to new opportunities that may present themselves. It’s an opportune time to try something new, or to break out of routines that have either become stale or unhealthy. If you’re currently in a relationship that’s fully run its course, that could be brought to the surface today.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.