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Hey Taurus, These Are Your Absolute Best — and Worst — Love Matches

Hey Taurus, are you looking for someone to revel in life’s pleasures with? That perfect someone who knows the way to your heart?

And did you know that you could use astrology as a roadmap to compatibility?

It’s true! By looking at the element (earth, air, fire, or water) and quality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable) of your signs, you could get a glimpse of how you two will work together as a couple.

Earth signs (that’s you!) are usually the most compatible with water signs and other earth signs. Earth signs are known to be grounded and practical. They’re warm, dependable, and security conscious. Water signs are known for their deep emotions. They’re soulful, empathic, and melancholy at times.

In addition, fixed signs (you again!) work best with cardinal or mutable signs. Cardinal signs tend to be leaders and big idea people, while mutable signs are known for their flexibility. It’s not impossible for two fixed signs to make a good match, but since you’re known for digging your heels into the ground, that could cause problems between you in the long run.

So are you ready to find out if you and your crush are written in the stars? Read on to find out.

Best: Cancer

With Cancer, a cardinal water sign, you’ll find a partner that takes stability, security, and your love of creature comforts just as seriously as you. This is a totally cozy pairing, and your home — and gatherings — will be luxurious and gorgeous.

Best: Virgo

With Virgo, a mutable earth sign, you’ll appreciate the care and detail they put into everything in their life. Even more importantly, you’ll have the patience for it. And their mutable qualities mean they won’t be butting heads with you over every little thing. This is a very balanced, nurturing partnership.

Best: Capricorn

With Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, you’ll find a strong sense of purpose in your partnership. You both want to build a home of security and stability. You will appreciate their tireless work ethic, and they’ll appreciate the luxurious and decadent touches you bring to the table. Because who says practical has to be boring?

Best: Pisces

With Pisces, a mutable water sign, you’ll have an emotionally accessible partner who challenges you to tap into your creativity daily. They’ll make you open up just a bit, and you’ll be a stabilizing influence for them.

Worst: Aries

With Aries, a cardinal fire sign, your desire for a beautiful and secure life doesn’t jive with their need for action. And even though they’re not a fixed sign, they’ll go toe to toe with you in the stubbornness department. When the bull and the ram face off, someone’s likely to get stabbed by those horns.

Worst: Gemini

With Gemini, a mutable air sign, you’ll find them flighty and inconsistent. And they’ll find you too stubborn and, honestly, boring. You like to get real in your emotional interactions, and they want to keep things light and on the surface. You won’t bring out the best in each other.

Worst: Leo

With Leo, a fixed fire sign, you’ll find a fundamental difference in lifestyle. While you’re both drawn to luxury and creature comforts, you’re much more thrifty in how you go about obtaining them. There could be some serious fights about money in your future.

Worst: Aquarius

With Aquarius, a fixed air sign, you won’t find the emotional stability you crave. Aquarians are all about big ideas, and can treat others in a pretty detached manner as a result. You’ll want vulnerability and connection, and they’ll think you’re too clingy.