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Mercury and Mars Are Bringing the Creativity and Passion Today

We might be starting off the day with some sensitive and challenging energy, but by this afternoon it’s all creativity and passion, making way for a more grounded Capricorn moon this evening.

The Moon is Square Neptune at 12:19 AM

Just after midnight, the moon squared off with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. This might have us feeling a bit raw and sensitive, even questioning reality. You’re incredibly susceptible to outside influences right now, and it can be hard to tell what opinions are yours and what you’ve picked up from others. The same thing goes for emotions, and that can be downright exhausting.

Your psychic urges could be heightened. There might even be a pull to deal your tarot deck or grab another divination tool. Just keep in mind that messages won’t be super clear right now, so write everything down to interpret later.

If this transit happened while you were sleeping, it’s possible these influences came to you in dreamland. Journal accordingly, and parse for insight later.

Mercury is Square Saturn at 6:04 AM

Early this morning, Mercury in Libra forms a square with Saturn in Capricorn for a fleeting but challenging transit. Keep an eye on your communication today—missteps and misunderstandings could materialize.

In the early part of the day, it might be better to work alone. If we don’t feel like we’re being seen or heard by those around us, or that we can’t truly get through to someone, it might be better to spend a bit of time on our own.

You can also fall into the trap of gloomy, depressive thoughts, and you might experience some pangs of loneliness. Try to keep in mind this is just a temporary influence, and things aren’t all that dire in real life.

The Moon is Sextile Mercury at 11:32 AM

Later this morning, the moon in adventurous Sagittarius forms a sextile aspect with Mercury in diplomatic Libra. This is a favorable transit, and these signs complement each other well. They might also smooth out the edges of that whole Mercury square Saturn thing.

This could put you in the mood for socializing and gabbing. Mercury rules communication and the moon rules emotions, so expect some heady, revealing conversations with your nearest and dearest. You’re in tune with your own emotions as well as those of the people around you right now, so those conversations will flow freely and easily.

This could be a creatively transformative period for you. You’ve got a tremendous amount of energy right now, and you’re focused on getting ahead. Your memory is razor-sharp, and your intuition is on point. Decision-making should feel natural. That clear head also means that routine mental work will feel easier than usual right now.

The Moon is Trine Mars at 1:33 PM

This afternoon, the moon in Sagittarius forms a trine with Mars, currently retrograding in Aries, bringing with it some seriously spicy energy. This aspect has us feeling daring, sexy, and charismatic, and urges us to make the first move and take the lead.

You’ll find you intuitively know what you want and how to get it, especially in your relationships. It’s OK to be direct and assertive; there’s no reason to fear being bossy or taken the wrong way. Even if you’re typically shy, take advantage of this bout of uncharacteristic boldness.

This is also a time when you’ll find it easier than normal to stand up for yourself and your loved ones in challenging situations. Your energy and enthusiasm will draw people in, and quite honestly will be contagious. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Do something productive with that.

The Moon Moves into Capricorn at 7:13 PM

Tonight, the moon moves into the earthy, grounded sign of Capricorn. Under a Capricorn moon, we’re inspired to get down to business. We want to feel productive and are looking for substance, not small talk. This transit is great for pushing past barriers and overcoming obstacles.

Capricorn lends patience and discipline to the emotional energy of the moon and everything we’re doing during this transit. You may find yourself feeling more thrifty and budget-conscious, and more careful and conservative in your decision making. You’ll be less interested in taking risks than you are in building something that lasts. What’s a good use of your time and energy right now?

For the next couple of days, it might be best to establish a single goal and see it through to completion, rather than multitasking.

The Moon is Square the Sun at 9:53 PM

Later tonight the moon in Capricorn forms a square with the Sun in Libra, possibly introducing some stress and irritation in our home or family lives. Right now the sun is shining a light on our more negative inner emotions, habits, and unconscious reactions.

This is a catalyst for us to recognize the old beliefs and self-defeating thoughts that no longer serve us. We should focus on releasing these things from our lives in the time leading up to the next full moon. It’s also a time to pay attention to the details, because they might trip you up today. Pay attention to things, and people, that you normally take for granted.

If things are generally running smoothly in your life, you might not notice much of this energy.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.