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Hey Cancer, These Are Your Best — and Worst — Love Matches

Hey Cancer, are you looking for someone to share this beautiful life with? Are you searching for that special someone to love up, dote on, and hole up with at your oh-so-cozy abode?

And did you know that you could use astrology as a roadmap to compatibility?

It’s true! By looking at the element (earth, air, fire, or water) and quality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable) of your signs, you could get a glimpse of how you two will work together as a couple.

Water signs (that’s you!) are usually the most compatible with earth signs and other water signs. Water signs are known for their deep emotions. They’re soulful, empathic, and melancholy at times. Earth signs are known to be grounded and practical. They’re warm, dependable, and security conscious.

In addition, cardinal signs (you again!) work best with mutable or fixed signs. Mutable signs are known for their flexibility, and fixed signs are stabilizing influences. It’s not impossible for two cardinal signs to make a good match, but since you’re known for your visionary and leadership qualities, you could have some serious control issues.

So do you think you and your crush are written in the stars? Read on to find out!

Best: Taurus

With Taurus, a fixed earth sign, you’ll find a partner that takes stability, security, and your love of creature comforts just as seriously as you. This is a totally cozy pairing, though you might disappear into your lovely little shell together and never resurface.

Best: Virgo

With Virgo, a mutable earth sign, you’ll find a partner who balances you. They’re just as concerned with building a family life and legacy to be proud of. But while your actions are heavily influenced by your emotions, Virgo takes a more rational, analytical approach.

Best: Scorpio

With Scorpio, a fixed water sign, your desires for intense emotional connections and intimacy are mirrored. You’ll make each other feel seen, wanted, and needed—things you both thrive on.

Best: Pisces

With Pisces, a mutable water sign, you’ll find a like-minded partner to explore the emotional depths of the world with you. Their adventurous ways will get you out of your shell from time to time, and you’ll give them the security and stability they crave.

Worst: Aries

With Aries, a cardinal fire sign, you’ll find their brash and insensitive nature too harsh for your sensitive disposition. They’ll always want to be on the go, and you’ll want to retreat to your beautiful, comfy shell. You’ll drive each other bonkers.

Worst: Libra

With Libra, a cardinal air sign, you’ll likely develop trust issues. Libra wants to spread their love and energy freely and is a bit of a flirt. This will either make you retreat even more into your shell or possibly get demanding and possessive. You don’t need the drama.

Worst: Sagittarius

With Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, their lack of tact will be too harsh for your sensitive heart, and the last thing they want is a cozy night in. Also, you just can’t tie Sagittarius down. They actually fear losing their identity as a part of a couple. They’ll react poorly if you try to claim them as your own.

Worst: Aquarius

With Aquarius, a fixed air sign, you’ll be left wanting that emotional intensity from a partner who just isn’t built that way. You’re concerned with building a home, and Aquarius is concerned with bettering the world. While both admirable, these aren’t always compatible viewpoints.