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The Moon in Pisces Says It’s Time for Manifestation

There may not be a lot happening in the sky today, but that stars will still have an impact on our emotions and our relationships. Three minutes into the new day, the moon forms a conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces, bringing peace to many different aspects of our lives. Later, the forms an opposition with Venus in Virgo, heightening our more base emotions.

The Moon Is Conjunct Jupiter at 12:03 AM

In the wee hours of the morning, the moon in pleasant Pisces forms a conjunction with Jupiter, also in Pisces. You’re probably feeling hopeful and optimistic, and you’ll want to spread the good vibes around. This is typically a good time for manifestation work. You could call in a partner, financial growth, or a new adventure.

Under this Pisces conjunction, we may already be manifesting harmony with our kind and optimistic attitude. Our goals and ambitions are important to us, but our relationships with those around us are just as important to us. Empathy and intuition help us get along with our employers and employees.

A wholesome work-life balance is allowing us to flourish. Our relationships with our family, friends, and significant others are strong. We take pride in lifting others up. We are happy to be around others but we are just as happy enjoying our free time by ourselves.

This transit is favorable for spending time with female friends and family.

The Moon Is Opposite Venus at 9:09 AM

A few hours after sunrise, the moon in Pisces moves opposite of Venus in over-anxious Virgo. This can bring about an increased desire for love and affection, and an urge to go looking for it if it’s not readily available. We’re on the hunt—damn the consequences.

You might even be tempted to throw your typical standards or rules out the window in order to stave off loneliness. Which could be fun for a temporary fling, but don’t expect a lasting partnership to emerge from such a hasty choice.

You’re probably feeling more sensitive than normal. We’re prone to take things personally under this transit, and project our frustrations onto our loved ones. We could especially experience some irritability or moodiness if we don’t feel seen by a current partner. Be careful not to replace that affection you’re seeking with food, drink, or other substances.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.