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Libra Season Is Here, and It’s All About Balance

Welcome to Libra season! Today ushers us into the sign of fairness, justice, and balance. And the pursuit of these things is going to get a little complicated over the next month. Let’s take a look.

The Sun Enters Libra at 9:23 AM

This morning, the sun officially leaves Virgo and moves into the sign of Libra. This transition is marked by the Autumn Equinox, when the day and night are of equal lengths. Which makes sense, because Libra is all about balance.

It also places an emphasis on diplomacy in our interactions. Which is an influence we’ll need over the next two months. October and November are full of dramatic planetary activity.

That emphasis on peace and harmony might have you wanting to cut out anything (or anyone) out of your life that doesn’t contribute to that cause. Drama and toxicity clash with Libra’s peace-loving ways.

It is possible to get too caught up in the pursuit of fairness and balance during Libra season, though, and that can lead to indecision and stalled momentum—something we’re already prone to with Mars retrograding in Aries right now.

It’s not all negative, though. After the critical and analytical nature of Virgo season, Libra brings in a fresh and flirtatious energy. She’s ruled by Venus, after all—the planet of love and beauty. Keep an eye on the themes of balance and justice over the next month, but give yourself space to revel in the beauty around you too. Or introduce some.

It could be a fun time to take some risks with your hair, your fashion, or your decor. And no matter how complicated the pandemic has made things, don’t discount the possibility of a change to your romantic life.

The Moon is Trine Venus at 11:34 PM

Tonight, the moon in Sagittarius forms a trine with Venus in Leo, bringing a welcome bit of love and tenderness to our collective mood. The moon trine Venus is a very maternal aspect, so you may have babies on the brain. Or, less literally, you might simply feel a stronger urge to nurture and protect those around you—especially those going through a tough time right now.

The moon and Venus amp up our charm and attractiveness, and you’ll find you’re quite persuasive to those around you. It’s a great time to go after a promotion, a loan, or a favor. You can also use this energy to stand up for others.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.