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Mars and Venus Have You Looking for Love Today

Today, the influences of Mars and Venus have us on the hunt for social connection and excitement, while the moon in Pisces makes us crave emotional intimacy. Make some time to be around people today, if at all possible.

The Moon is Opposite Venus at 1:08 AM

After midnight, the moon in Aquarius moved opposite of Venus in Leo. This can bring about an increased desire for love and affection, and an urge to go looking for it if it’s not readily available. We’re on the hunt—damn the consequences.

You might even be tempted to throw your typical standards or rules out the window in order to stave off loneliness. Which could be fun for a temporary fling, but don’t expect a lasting partnership to emerge from such a hasty choice.

You’re probably feeling more sensitive than normal. We’re prone to take things personally under this transit, and project our frustrations onto our loved ones. We could especially experience some irritability or moodiness if we don’t feel seen by a current partner. Be careful not to replace that affection you’re seeking with food, alcohol, or other substances.

The Moon is Sextile Mars at 3:22 AM

While we were sleeping, the moon in airy Aquarius formed a sextile aspect to Mars in Aries. This is a passionate and playful transit. We’re feeling competitive and cooperative, and may want to both express our need for independence and be a part of a group simultaneously. You can fulfill both roles by taking the lead on a project, or organizing work around a specific cause you feel strongly about.

This placement makes you very persuasive; you express yourself with confidence and the people around you respect that and follow your lead and conviction. It would be good to take advantage of this bout of confidence and bravery.

The Moon Moves into Pisces at 11:37 AM

Late this morning, the moon officially moves into dreamy Pisces, injecting our day with some dreamy, watery energy. When the move is in Pisces, it’s an ideal time to take a few days off to just be and feel. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac wheel, and as such it’s a good time for reflection over the past month, or meditation over the mysteries of life, or even just a little escapism.

Pisces has us feeling sensitive and emotional, and can dissolve the boundaries between us. This can be a wonderful thing in come cases as it draws us closer together and increases empathy and understanding. But it’s also a prime time for people to take advantage of those with a loving, giving nature. Business dealings aren’t meant to be the focus during a Pisces moon.

It would be beneficial to spend some time around water over the course of the next couple of days. Steal away to the beach if that’s a possibility for you, head for a picnic at the lake, take a walk in the rain, or just enjoy a long restorative soak in the tub.

The Moon is Trine Mercury at 2:47 PM

This afternoon, the moon in Pisces forms a watery trine with Mercury in Cancer, making us feel like we’re seeing things clearly for the first time in a while. Our feelings and intuition are balanced by our rationality and keen perception, ultimately leading to self awareness and sound judgment.

This is a great time to use a social platform to share your insights with others. Whether that’s through public speaking, writing, or any other form of communication that’s calling to you, you should let your voice be heard.

Pay close attention to the dreams you had last night, they could have some insight to share with you. You could have a revelation about your childhood or family history. Keep your mind open, and record any intuitive flashes as they happen.

Venus is Trine Mars at 9:09 PM

Tonight, Venus in Leo forms a trine with Mars in Aries. This is a favorable transit that makes us desire social connection. It’s brings in a good balance of loving energy and raw sexual desire. Because of this, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to worry about coming on too strong under this transit. You’re genuinely just as interested in friendship as romance.

Charm and beauty will be increased right now, which could make you more popular in social situations. It’s an ideal transit for dating. If you’re looking for a new special someone, this could be the night.

It’s also a good transit for beginning new creative projects or delving into other subjects that you’re passionate about. Your creativity will be heightened, and ideas should flow freely. Because of Venus’ influence, creative projects centering on beauty are ideal.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.