My Sign Says
A confident woman crosses her arms, but her shadow has a cape.

You’re Ready to Take On the World, Thanks to the Moon, Mars, and Venus

Despite a briefly rocky start to the morning, today is favorable for getting stuff done. Today’s planetary transits and aspects amp up our popularity, purpose, and persuasiveness. That’s a lot of fire power. What are you going to do with it?

The Moon is Conjunct Saturn at 5:33 AM

Early this morning, the moon formed a conjunct angle with Saturn in Aquarius. This transit can bring up some tensions in close relationships, especially if you don’t feel seen or supported. They could make you want to distance yourself from the discomfort. If you stay present and face these challenging situations head on, it could be an amazing opportunity for growth and healing. But sometimes the healthiest thing you can do for a relationships is to give it a little space and spend some time on your own. Luckily this is an early morning transit, so you might even sleep through it—just don’t hold your partner accountable for something he or she did to you in your dreams.

The Moon Moves into Aquarius at 6:10 AM

When the moon is in Aquarius, there’s a certain energy that’s palpable in the air. It’s an urge to shake things up. We’re highly social, but in a more abstract, cerebral kind of way. If you’ve been feeling mired in your own emotions lately, Aquarius can feel like a relief. It allows us to stand back, view things objectively, and create a new plan of action.

Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, so expect those intuitive hits to keep on coming. Your mind may be blown more than once over the next two days. This transit also has us wanting to connect with everybody and learn from the experiences of others. Humanitarian thoughts and plans become something of a preoccupation. We can start to see our places in the world as a whole, and can focus on the evolution of human kind.

On the flip side, it’s possible that this Aquarian energy can make you feel like retreating into your own little world. That’s OK too. We all need to recharge once in a while.

The Moon is Sextile Mars at 3:37 PM

This afternoon, the moon in airy Aquarius forms a sextile aspect to Mars in Aries. This is a passionate and playful transit. We’re feeling competitive and cooperative, and may want to both express our need for independence and be a part of a group simultaneously. You can fulfill both roles by taking the lead on a project, or organizing work around a specific cause you feel strongly about. This placement makes you very persuasive; you express yourself with confidence and the people around you respect that and follow your lead and conviction. It would be good to take advantage of this bout of confidence and bravery.

The Moon is Trine Venus at 8:22 PM

This evening, the moon in Aquarius forms a trine with Venus in Gemini, bringing a welcome bit of love and tenderness to our collective mood. And maybe a bit of nostalgia. You could have the urge to connect with long-lost friends, or rethink past events that jeopardized your relationships.

The moon trine Venus is a very maternal aspect, so you may have babies on the brain. Or, less literally, you might simply feel a stronger urge to nurture and protect those around you—especially those going through a tough time right now.

The moon and Venus amp up our charm and attractiveness, and you’ll find you’re quite persuasive with those around you. It’s a great time to go after a promotion, a loan, or a favor. You can also use this energy to stand up for others.

You might be struck with a burst of creative energy. Aquarius will have you wanting to express yourself in offbeat ways while Venus wants you to create beauty. How can you best reconcile the two?

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.