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Uranus Is Taking You for a Walk on the Wild Side

The moon in visionary Aquarius formed a square with Uranus in Taurus overnight—a transit known for impulsivity, rebellion, and independence. It’s a disrupting influence, but how you channel it is completely up to you. Let’s take a look at the wild day ahead.

The Moon is Square Uranus at 12:42 AM

This transit instills an urge to break free from responsibilities, expectations, and old patterns. As such, we might be temporarily uncomfortable. It can also cause tension in relationships, since it can have us feeling on edge and prone to emotional outbursts. But ultimately, if we tread lightly and don’t burn bridges, it can lead to personal growth on the other side.

What This Means for Our Relationships

The moon represents our emotions in astrology, as well as our domestic/home lives and our reactions to other people. The moon also rules the mother—and women in general—so it could be possible that either your mother or other women in your life are feeling anxious or on the cusp of a drastic change. This could make personal encounters a bit fraught, so as much as you can, react to others with sensitivity.

You’re likely to experience bouts of restlessness today, and an urge to rebel against expectations. Unpleasant interactions with others, especially those closest to us, could make us want to break out of our routines and seek adventure or pleasure elsewhere. Don’t let impulsivity or a desire for a little excitement make you to do something you’ll ultimately regret.

We need to be aware of how our emotions will affect others today. We’re prone to outbursts, but so are others. In light of recent global events we’re all feeling raw and exhausted. When possible, try to take a step back and remember the energetic forces at play here. We could all use a bit more patience and grace.

What This Means for Our Personal Growth

This transit can bring up an urge to act out our wildest impulses. And this could be incredibly liberating for some. For others, it might feel as though your emotions are in control of you, and not the other way around. This might be difficult if we’re used to depending on emotional stability and security—or if others typically depend on us for such things.

We might even wander into the treacherous territory of questioning our own intentions or mental stability. If this happens, please keep in mind that this is a fleeting transit, and that these feelings won’t last.

A gut feeling of “something is about to happen” could increase or trigger some latent anxieties about the future. This is an important time to keep our self awareness in tact. What emotional patterns are being threatened here, and why? Are they serving you or causing harm? We’re still reeling from this weekend’s lunar eclipse, where the full moon asked us to release what no longer serves us. There might still be work to do there.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.