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Sparks Will Fly This Weekend for These 4 Signs

Welcome to Cancer season! This weekend, if you’re a Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces, get ready for sparks to fly not just in the sky, but in your heart, too. (Cue Sagittarius, Leo and Aries groaning at that cheesy pun.)

That’s right: A lunar eclipse and full moon are brewing behind the scenes. That means right now is a critical time to reflect on what we’re ready to let go of, and who we want in our lives. What’s making sense, and what’s not? Intuition and fateful feelings will be amplified this weekend, and they’ll continue to help you throughout the month.

Eclipses are powerful, emotional times, but they don’t come out of nowhere. The days leading up to these events might seem innocuous, but everything that happens now is laying the foundation for what will happen in a few days.

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces: If you’ve been feeling down on your luck in the love department, get ready for some big shake-ups today, tomorrow and all weekend long.


Sweet Cancer crab, it’s your season! And what better way to kick it off than spending this weekend thinking about your relationship dynamics? This is important work for you to do now, as the lunar eclipse on July 5 promises to bring you ooey-gooey feelings of “Wait, is this meant to be?” You want to make sure you’re prepared for that moment!


You are still in the climbing phase of the roller coaster ride you’re about to experience, Virgo, but expect to start inching over the drop in just a couple days. The July 5 lunar eclipse and full moon in Capricorn is coming soon, so get ready for release, revelations, surprises and powerful emotions.

Things will feel very fateful at this time. I bet you already know just the person these feelings are pointing toward, Virgo!


Capricorn, get ready to let loose. You have been working so hard, and you deserve to have some fun! The full moon in your sign is raring to go this weekend, and you’re feeling magnetic. You’re releasing the old and letting in the new, and everything just feels…right.

Get ready for big emotions and a communication breakthrough that could lead to a brand new relationship (or the rekindling of one you already have).


Changes are coming soon, Pisces, and these changes can lead to beautiful things if you allow them to. You may already have some fun flirtationships going, and if that’s the case, don’t be surprised if they fizzle. The one that remains strong – which may not be clear to you until the upcoming lunar eclipse on July 5 – will show up for you in ways you never could have expected. Are you ready to commit, Pisces?