My Sign Says

The Moon in Aries Gives Us a Confidence Boost

Before Pisces relinquishes its hold over the moon, it needs to fill our morning with a double dose of heavy emotions. Thankfully, around lunchtime, the moon will jump over to Aries, giving us a boost of energy!

The Moon Is Conjunct Neptune at 12:49 AM

In the wee hours of the morning, the moon in Pisces forms a conjunction with Neptune in its natural home of dreamy Pisces. So much Pisces energy today, am I right?

You may feel like you’re being dosed with empathy, and it can become physically overwhelming. You could be feeling confused as to which emotions are your own and which belong to the people around you—or the people on social media because you better believe that energy bleeds through screens.

This transit requires a great deal of conscious self-awareness. The key is filtering out all the noise and doing something productive with that sensitivity. Lend your time, energy, and empathy to those who need it most right now.

The Moon Is Sextile Pluto at 5:06 AM

Later, the moon in dreamy Pisces formed a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. This transit can expose deeply buried emotions that need to be dealt with at the surface.

You may have some very eye-opening encounters that reveal precisely how you feel about someone. And in turn, you could learn exactly how they feel about you. Even if this proves uncomfortable, it’s an experience that will provide you with a good deal of growth. And at least you’ll know how to move forward.

This has the potential to be a period of rebirth, allowing you to release old habits and destructive patterns from the past. Today, you can quickly get to the root cause and integrate those lessons you need to move beyond it.

The Moon Moves into Aries at 2:59 PM

After a couple of days of Pisces keeping us stuck in our heads and emotions, Aries is coming in with all the motivation and forward movement. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries loves to lead the charge. Expect feelings of confidence and bravery to come flooding in, even if that’s not typically your state of mind.

This is a great time to leap into something you’ve been thinking about for a while. You can also attack some nagging problems head-on.

Aries does bring some impulsiveness with it, so you should be aware of making reckless decisions. It can also bring on some restlessness and anxious feelings. For the most part, though, it’s a couple of days to get stuff done. This is something we’ve needed for a while.

Mercury is Opposite Neptune at 8:57 PM

Mercury, ruler of thought and communication, is currently in analytical Virgo. But Neptune, planet of dreams and illusions, is currently in fantastical Pisces. And these two are butting heads right now.

Our perception of reality is clouded and dreamy, and slightly chaotic feeling. It’s difficult to filter the truth from all the other noise flying around. If you can, avoid making important decisions or doing things like negotiating contracts at this time.

If that’s not possible, then hire a professional that you trust to advise and guide you. As it often happens under a Pisces influence, it will be easier than normal for people to take advantage of you. It’s also not ideal to enter into serious discussions with family or your significant other right now. Wait until the smoke clears, and you feel sharp-minded and articulate again. 

What is advisable at this time is focusing on creative projects or some other sort of escapism that feeds into your current interest in mystical or otherworldly subjects. Revel in those dreams and ideas flowing through you. Just don’t take them too seriously right now.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.