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Leo Is the King of the Jungle and Our Emotions

For breakfast this morning, we are going to have a plate of Leo, with a side of Leo. And then we are going wash it down with a nice glass of Leo! Fiery Leo is ruling our morning, but Cancer and Pisces will cool us off with their watery energy!

The Moon Is Conjunct Venus at 7:13 AM

When the moon in Leo forms a conjunction with Venus, also in Leo, it can usher in a sense of peace and harmony, a desire for beauty, and heightened sexual energy. It brings our emotions to the surface and makes us more sensitive to everything around us—the good and the bad. Luckily, we’re more likely to attract the good under this influence.

All of this Leo energy has us in the mood for flirting, and it would be a great time for entertaining, or just nurturing and loving on your nearest and dearest.

You’ll also be seeking ways to bring more beauty into your life and home, which might lead to a bit of retail therapy. Just be careful not to let your emotions outweigh your common sense when you’re up at the cash register.

The Moon Is Conjunct Mars at 8:28 AM

Later in the morning, the moon in hot-headed Leo will form a conjunction with Mars in, guess who? Hot-headed Leo.  It should be no surprise that this placement can bring about some serious impulsiveness. It can also instill a zest for life and an energy that’s infectious to everyone around you.

We may be wearing our hearts on our sleeves today, and the healthiest thing we can do is clear the air when a strong emotion comes up. Though you might not be able to hold those emotions in even if you tried.

Today, you might be feeling bold and brave, and wanting to take quick and decisive action. There’s also the chance of some irritability if people don’t get behind your plans. You should communicate what you need, but try to channel that into a physical activity instead of blowing up at your loved ones.

Mercury is Trine Jupiter at 4:24 PM

This afternoon, Mercury in Cancer forms a trine with Jupiter in Pisces, and all that scheming turns into dreaming. You’re still all about the grand picture, but reality isn’t really tethering you to the ground anymore. That’s OK, everyone needs to fantasize with wild abandon from time to time. But it’s probably not a great time to make important legal or financial decisions when your head is swimming in the clouds.

This transit also ushers in a good deal of sensitivity, and you can keenly hone in on subtle shifts in people’s moods. You’re feeling very sympathetic, and could be a great listening ear for a friend in need. Otherwise, it’s not a bad afternoon to spend with your nose in a book. You might feel you’re drawn to mystical and philosophical books you normally wouldn’t have the concentration for.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.