My Sign Says

The New Moon Wants Us to Look Inward

Who is ready for a frank and fearless Friday? Today the moon in Cancer forms a sextile with Uranus in Taurus, giving us heightened senses and lowered inhibitions. Later, the new moon in Cancer encourages us to send things out into the universe that we ourselves would like to receive.

The Moon Is Sextile Uranus at 1:42 PM

In the middle of the day, the moon in emotional Cancer forms a sextile angle with Uranus in grounded Taurus, stimulating personal encounters and exciting events. This transit has us feeling open to change, and might even urge us to seek it out. It’s a great time to try something new because of these lowered inhibitions.

Our intuitions are sharpened by this placement, and we’re blessed with quick decision-making abilities. Follow your instincts and make the most of every opportunity you’re granted. You are likely to receive flashes of insight on how to solve long-term problems in new, creative ways.

You’ll be looking for ways to shake things up intellectually, as well. Under this transit, we’re attracted to new philosophies and ways of thinking. You might even be intrigued by a new subject matter altogether and wish to learn all about it. Though you should think about if you have the follow-through to make much headway in this new venture.

The New Moon in Cancer Occurs at 9:19 PM

Later in the evening, the sun forms a conjunction with the moon, creating a new moon in Cancer. Cancer new moons are generally sensitive and emotional times, and put us in an introspective state of mind. We ponder things like what our place in this life is, and look for the meaning in everything around us. New moons are a time to slow down and reflect on what’s been happening, and what we want to happen in the future.

With this Cancer new moon, we look forward. New moons are a time to take stock and focus on the magic we want to manifest in our lives over the next six months. Take some time this afternoon to put pen to paper (a magical act on its own) and declare to the universe what you want to attract into your life. Make a ceremony of it by meditating on those things, saying them aloud, and then burning that piece of paper to send that energy out into the aether.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.