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This Capricorn Full Moon Wants You to Get Down to Business

Kids, I hate to break it to you, but what we’ve got here is a day of adulting. This morning, the moon moves into Capricorn, the consummate grownup of the zodiac. And then this afternoon it will reach the fullest expression of itself, doubling down on all that earthy energy. This is a day to get things done. Don’t sleep on the opportunities for abundance and growth that are possible under this powerful lunation.

The Moon Moves Into Capricorn at 9:05 AM

This morning, the moon moves into the earthy, grounded sign of Capricorn. Under a Capricorn moon, we’re inspired to get down to business. We want to feel productive and are looking for substance, not small talk. This transit is great for pushing past barriers and overcoming obstacles.

Capricorn lends patience and discipline to the emotional energy of the moon and everything we’re doing during this transit. You may find yourself feeling more thrifty and budget-conscious, as well as more careful and conservative in your decision-making. You’ll be less interested in taking risks than you are in building something that lasts.

What’s a good use of your time and energy right now? For the next couple of days, it might be best to establish a single goal and see it through to completion rather than multitasking.

The Moon Is Sextile Jupiter at 12:39 PM

A little after noon, the moon in Capricorn forms a sextile with Jupiter in Pisces. The energy of the day is shifting. This is a social aspect, and you may be longing for more fun and lighthearted interactions than have been available in the recent past. Luckily, all of that seems to be turning around as of late.

Today, you’ll have an urge to reconnect with old friends and family you’ve lost touch with. It’s a warm and welcoming transit for all relationships in our lives, but specifically those with women.

You’re feeling open, honest, and a bit vulnerable with your feelings. Making new connections will be easy. You’re feeling generous with your time, energy, and resources, and might look for group activities meant to help others.

The Full Moon in Capricorn Occurs at 2:41 PM

The sun is still in the sign of Cancer, which gives us those comfy, cozy, homebody vibes. But today’s full moon is in Capricorn, and she’s not playing around. This lunation is intensifying Capricorn’s trademark down-to-business attitude and forcing us to get super clear on what is keeping us stagnant. It might bring up some uncomfortable truths, but it’s all in service of moving us toward our hopes, our dreams, and our higher selves.

The interplay with Cancer’s energy might also be calling our work-life balance into question. This afternoon, take a good, honest look at what you’ve been spending your energy on. Are you carrying on with old stories and paradigms because you think it’s the “right” thing to do, but it doesn’t feel right anymore? Are you being less than truthful about your motivations or desires? Are you ignoring your true purpose or passion because you’ve been focused on trying to please someone else?

Trust your intuition and course-correct where needed. It’s time to clear space for amazing new things to enter your life.

All aspects mentioned here are in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.