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This Moon in Leo Wants to Fight Everybody

Overnight, the moon moved into the bold sign of Leo, who’s squaring off with the sun and three other signs in bull-headed Taurus over the course of the day. Expect irritability, conflict, neediness, and more irritability. Just don’t bury those feelings or try to run from them — these transits are bringing up important aspects of our lives that need to be examined and worked through.

The Moon Moves into Leo at 2:09 AM

The moon moved into the fiery sign of Leo overnight, bringing about a burst of creative energy and a desire to get out there (as much as anyone can get “out there” right now) and strut your stuff. The mood is all about pleasure and enjoyment, and forces us to come out of those comfy, if fearful, Cancerian shells.

The Moon Is Square the Sun at 2:57 AM

A short time later, the moon in Leo formed a square with the Sun in Taurus, possibly introducing some stress and irritation in our home or family lives. Right now the sun is shining a light on our more negative inner emotions, habits, and unconscious reactions.

This is a catalyst for us to recognize the old beliefs and self-defeating thoughts that no longer serve us. We should focus on releasing these things from our lives in the time leading up to the full moon in Scorpio on April 26th.

The Moon Is Square Mercury at 6:05 AM

Early this morning, the moon in Leo forms a square with Mercury in Taurus. This transit is setting up a bit of a standoff between our emotions and our thoughts.

This could lead to some possible conflict and irritability. While you’re hashing things out in your own head, be careful not to push your opinions or criticism onto others. Your emotions are swaying your thoughts too much, and you could end up doing permanent harm to a relationship if you insist on a debate.

Instead, channel that energy in a more productive way. Maybe some time spent on intensive organizing could be beneficial? You’re in the perfect frame of mind to do some deep cleaning of your physical space.

The Moon Is Square Venus at 4:21 PM

This afternoon, the moon in Leo formed a square with Venus in Taurus. This transit turns our minds to our needs for love and affection. If we don’t feel seen or appreciated by a partner or friend, it could lead to some moodiness or impulsivity. And that’s something that could be disastrous to act upon.

This tends to be a very sentimental transit and can have us toiling the day away in our memories. It could also put you in the mood to seek out people from your past.

Serious work matters will feel like an uphill trudge right now. If you can push things off until tomorrow, seeking out people or activities that bring you pleasure and joy will be much more beneficial for your psyche.

The Moon Is Square Uranus at 9:16 PM

Tonight, the moon in Leo squares off with Uranus in grounded Taurus. (SO MUCH TAURUS ENERGY.) This might have you feeling a bit jumpy and impulsive, leading to some not-too-stellar sleep. You’ll probably have some difficulty concentrating, and you’ll need to find an outlet for all that energy – or it will come bursting out of you in inconvenient ways. This is not the time for mundane or routine tasks. It’s time to get out and try something new.

You’ll also have a hard time relaxing, and you may have an overwhelming feeling that something BIG is about to happen. If you don’t get the newness or excitement you crave today, you may go looking for it. Just try to keep yourself out of trouble for the last part of the day.

You could be on the receiving end of an emotional outburst from someone else today. And while your instinct will be to run and avoid, it will be important to stay and patiently work through what’s attempting to be said. Avoid lashing out in return. Sensitivity is key here, and while it might lead to an uncomfortable conversation, the air needs to be cleared.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.