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Pluto Goes Retrograde Today, Clearing the Way for Personal Transformation

There’s a good bit of tension in the air today, with the moon forming several squares and oppositions and Pluto starting its moonwalk across the sky. We might be faced with some uncomfortable truths about ourselves, but it’s all in the name of personal growth. Luckily, the night ends with a dreamy, watery trine that will put us in a more romantic state of mind.

The Moon Is Opposite Uranus at 4:55 AM

In the wee hours, the moon in Scorpio moved opposite Uranus in Taurus for a slightly uneasy-feeling, and perhaps even shocking transit. We might experience some emotional turmoil based on new information or revelations, quite possibly having to do with our families. Uranus likes to shake things up, and sometimes it can go looking for buried secrets or taboo subjects that we’d rather remain hidden.

This placement can have us feeling cagey, with our independence at the top of our priority list. We also might be looking for a fight, with an urge to pick at someone just to get a reaction. The heavy energy of the Scorpio full moon may be weighing on us, and we’re unsure of how to work through it.

Remain calm and centered. Don’t pass the buck; this issue won’t disappear by shoving it onto the people around you and then running away.

Pluto Goes Retrograde at 6:48 AM

Pluto is the planet of the underworld, of transformation, and of rebirth. That sounds heavy, to be sure. But when Pluto stations retrograde, it can make way for some amazing things. It can help us transform ourselves on a core level.

On a personal level, Pluto retrograde can cut through the noise and show us what needs to be worked through and released in order to become the best version of ourselves possible. Pluto is all about deep diving into our own psyches, analyzing, tearing down, and building back up into who we were always meant to be.

The Moon Is Square Saturn at 8:46 AM

A bit later this morning, the moon in Scorpio forms a square aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. Squares between the moon and Saturn can cause serious bouts of moodiness and moments of depression, and you may find yourself dredging up past grief and other unresolved matters.

This transit might leave you with a slightly restless feeling. A bout of low self-esteem could keep you from openly sharing your emotions, and you might be feeling more isolated and distant from your loved ones than you have been lately.

This mood is pretty consistent with the day up until this point. Take some time to journal your feelings, and see if you can parse any lessons from these energies and the encounters they’ve prompted. Then, take some time to write down some things you’re grateful for to bolster your mood a bit.

The Moon Is Opposite Venus at 1:37 PM

This afternoon, the moon in Scorpio moves opposite Venus in Taurus. This can bring about an increased desire for love and affection, and an urge to go looking for it if it’s not readily available.  You might even be tempted to throw your typical standards or rules out the window in order to stave off loneliness. This could be fun for a temporary fling, but don’t expect a lasting partnership to emerge from such a hasty choice.

You’re probably feeling more sensitive than normal. We’re prone to take things personally under this transit, and project our frustrations onto our loved ones. We could especially experience some irritability or moodiness if we don’t feel seen by a current partner.

The Moon Is Opposite Mercury at 4:25 PM

A few hours later, the moon in fixed fire sign Scorpio forms yet another opposition with Mercury in fixed earth sign Taurus. When the moon faces off with Mercury, two things can happen. One: you’ll be caught up in a war between your thoughts and your emotions. Or two: those energies will combine and open the door to eye-opening discussions and discoveries about your own soul.

Oppositions can be challenging, but they can also hold a mirror up to ourselves and force issues of self-growth. This isn’t a great time for being around a large group of people. It’s more suited to spend time on your own in self-reflection or to be around a trusted friend that will let you talk things out without judgment.

The Moon Is Trine Neptune at 11:32 PM

Tonight, the moon in intense Scorpio forms a watery trine with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. All of this watery energy brings about a time of introspection and imagination. It would be a great time to focus on creative projects. Because of Neptune’s influence, working with film or video, or even working in front of a mirror, could spark some serious creativity.

This is also a good time to meet, or call in, a future partner. Your friends may also seek you out, either for support or advice. You’re happy to oblige both. In fact, you might feel like seeking out ways to support others, perhaps with charitable or humanitarian work, or using your art and influence to draw attention to a cause.

Your intuition is quite strong under this transit, so pay attention to any psychic flashes or hits you might receive. It would be a great time to delve into a divination practice.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.