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The Moon Enters Capricorn Tonight: Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

Tonight, a big shakeup is in store as the moon leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn shortly after 7 p.m. ET. At around 10 p.m., the moon’s clash with the sun will have us thinking about what we really want right now.

You may have felt the uncomfortable effects of Mercury’s clash with Saturn at about 6:30 this morning, which led many of us to overthink – that’s never a fun way to start the day. However, the moon’s connection with Mars in the afternoon will help us usher in fresh energy and let go of this morning’s turmoil. What does all this mean for your sign in particular? Read on to find out!


Mercury’s clash with Saturn this morning may have had you thinking about roadblocks of communication in your relationships and your job. Practice taking things one moment at a time today. Trying to fix everything now won’t work, but it’s a great time to talk to someone you trust for guidance and support.


Prepare for some irritations to come up today, Taurus. It’s not the best day for making solid plans. But when the moon enters Capricorn, a greater sense of ease will arrive.


Mercury is your ruling planet, so its clash with Saturn this morning left you feeling out of sorts. Allow Saturn’s diligent energy to help you check things off your to-do list instead of getting lost in fantasy. Tonight, you’ll be able to connect with your inner self more deeply.


Your relationships will be tested during the first part of the day. But luckily, the moon’s journey into Capricorn tonight will help you empathize with the feelings of those around you.


You’re a go-getter today, Leo! Use your energy to get organized as the moon enters Capricorn, setting you up for success when your plans eventually come to fruition.


You may feel more reserved than usual today, Virgo. However, tonight promises you the potential of great excitement and possibility. Expect the unexpected!


There may be some turmoil in your home and inner life that’s driving you nuts, but the moon’s entry into organized Capricorn will help you deal with these problems in a healthy way.


Feel like you can’t get your point across today? Try stepping back and connecting with yourself for a moment before you deal with others, which will become easier when the moon enters Capricorn tonight.


Worries of financial and general security have been bothering you, but they can’t be put off forever, Sagg. Luckily, when the moon enters Capricorn tonight, the energy will drive you to do something about your situation as the wealth sector of your chart lights up.


The moon enters your sign tonight, which means you’re in the mood to treat yourself! And you should – after you handle the challenges of your day. Hard discussions may need to take place, but there’s no need for them to sour your mood.


You may feel a bit out of touch with yourself today, Aquarius. Today is a good day to journal and take all the space from others you need. If you’re exhausted emotionally and/or physically, tonight will be the perfect time to reset.


The planetary clashes early in the day are messing with your sensitive nature, making what you want seem distant and impossible to have. This is is a good day to reach out to others and connect with your loved ones. Remember, you’re not alone!