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This Weekend’s Emotion and Introspection Are Brought to You by Pisces

Late this afternoon, the moon moves into Pisces, setting us up for a dreamy yet emotionally charged weekend. Pisces is not known for imparting practicality or ambition on people, so it’s best you get as much work done as possible before that time. And then pad out the weekend with lots of alone time to dream, ponder, and process those big feelings that are barreling toward you.

The Moon Moves into Pisces at 4:18 PM

This afternoon, the moon officially moves into Pisces, infusing our lives with some seriously dreamy, watery energy. When the moon is in Pisces, it’s an ideal time to take a few days off to just feel. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac wheel, and as such it’s a good time for reflection over the past month, meditation over the mysteries of life, or even just a little escapism.

Pisces has us feeling sensitive and can dissolve the boundaries between us. This can be a wonderful thing as it draws us closer together and increases empathy and understanding. We might feel like we’re longing for an intense emotional and spiritual connection with someone else. But it’s also a prime time for people to take advantage of those with a loving, giving nature. Business dealings aren’t meant to be the focus during a Pisces moon.

During moon-Pisces transits, past life issues and secrets long held in the body are more likely to make an appearance. This could cause an extra dose of loneliness, confusion, and disruption to our daily lives. It’s important to give ourselves space here. Our bodies are trying to move that stagnant and often dark energy up and out. Be patient with yourself if you’re processing those feelings.

How to Cope With Heavy Pisces Energy

It’s important to remember that it’s okay not to understand everything that’s going on in your psyche in a rational sense. Sometimes we have the curiosity and mental fortitude to do a deep-dive into our own souls. Sometimes, we just need to ride it out. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, after all, a planet that’s shrouded in dreams and mystery.

The best way to handle these big emotions is through movement: take a walk in nature, do some gentle, restorative yoga, or at very least make a conscious effort to stand up and stretch well every hour or so. Meditation is also incredibly helpful in understanding and processing these feelings. And, of course, any sort of creative or artistic activity like dancing, playing music, or drawing will be very therapeutic.

It would also be beneficial to spend some time around water over the course of the next couple of days. Steal away to the beach if that’s a possibility for you; otherwise, head for a picnic at the lake, take a walk in the rain, or just enjoy a long restorative soak in the tub.

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