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2021 To-do list

This Capricorn New Moon’s Got Us Plotting and Planning

It’s the first new moon of 2021! Tonight, take some time to visualize what you’d like to accomplish this year and make a plan to get there.

Mercury Is Square Uranus at 9:30 AM

This morning, Mercury in Aquarius forms a square with Uranus in Taurus. This is a very mentally stimulating transit. You might find yourself growing bored easily and looking for excitement. Expect interruptions and setbacks—don’t hang on too tightly to plans you make. If you remain flexible, you’ll weather these little upsets easily.

Your mind will be moving at lightning speed this morning. If you can keep up with it, you’ll feel sharp and inspired. Keep a notebook with you to jot down ideas that fly through your mind before you lose them forever. This energy has the potential to feel scattered and overwhelming as well. If that’s the case, it would be better to not try and force yourself into tasks that require great concentration.

The Moon Is Sextile Neptune at 3:17 PM

This afternoon, the moon in earthy Capricorn moves sextile of Neptune in dreamy Pisces. Expect this to bring up an active, vivid imagination and a good dose of empathy. Your sensitivity and emotions will be heightened, and you’ll feel more in touch with not only your own feelings, but those around you as well.

You’re especially sensitive to negative energies this afternoon. Your intuition and psychic abilities are heightened at this time. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with a divination practice. Keep a journal with you to record any flashes of insight you get this afternoon.

A New Moon in Capricorn Occurs at 11:03 PM

The first new moon of the year occurs late tonight in the sign of Capricorn. New moons are always a time to slow down, reflect, and start planning for what you’d like to accomplish over the next lunar cycle. You can also plan for what you want to achieve before the next full moon in Capricorn on June 24.

However, this new moon has us focusing on what this next year will bring. It probably has us feeling a bit apprehensive, seeing as what a dumpster fire 2020 was and how much worse the first week of 2021 turned out.

But rather than just sitting around all dreamily and fantasizing about our deepest desires, Capricorn brings a more pragmatic vibe. When it comes to things like long-term planning, career goals, and getting our finances in order, Cap is who you want in your corner. This would be an excellent time to get your specific, measurable goals down on paper. Create a to-do list of the things you want to manifest over this next year and an action plan for how to achieve those things.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.