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Happy snowman in a mug of hot chocolate

Making Winter Magic With Astrology

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a time of contemplation and quiet. It’s a reminder that life is a cycle, a wheel that turns from light to dark, from summer to winter.

Just as the earth needs a fallow season to prepare to grow again, we need a season of rest. Of course, there are times to celebrate as well, with festivals of light and feasting part of almost every faith’s tradition during winter.

Before modern life provided us with electric lights at the flick of a switch and abundant food delivered to our doors, winter was a lean time. You can see that reflected in the traditional names of the winter full moons: Cold Moon, Wolf Moon.

Winter Solstice Energy

This year, the Winter Solstice falls on December 21st. It marks the darkest day of the year, but also the turning point. The world starts warming and waking again after the solstice. Like the lunar cycle, the dark of the year is a period of setting intentions and letting go of the past.

That might seem like a long time away, but we’re almost to the end of November as I’m writing this. 2020 in particular has seemed to move both quickly and at a snail’s pace. This year, more than ever, we need the peace that this quiet season brings.

Eat warm, nourishing food. Embrace the darker nights and chilly mornings as a natural part of the cycle of life. Journal about how far you’ve come in the year and celebrate your achievements. Acknowledge your hardships and thank them for the lessons they taught you.

The Winter Zodiac Signs

The sun will also move into the final three signs of the zodiac, starting with Capricorn. It can be a helpful exercise to try to embody the best of each zodiac sign’s traits during the time that they are in ascendancy.

For Capricorn, it’s hard work and perseverance. This sign plans for the future and balances dreams with practical common sense. They are a pragmatic sign–some might even say cold. But Capricorn is dependable and level-headed, which is exactly the kind of person you need on your side during the lean times of winter.

In Aquarius, we look outward and forward. Thinking about our futures and how to shape them in new ways. Considering how we can best help our communities. Feeling the sap start to flow again as we get energized by the promise of spring on the horizon. Aquarius is a deeply intellectual sign that takes time to think before acting.

Finally, Pisces turns inward to dreams and intuition. You might feel called to express yourself through creativity, or simply appreciate beauty and color after a long winter. Pisces season encourages us to imagine what could be possible if we dared to dream.