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Gemini and Venus are Giving Us a Calm Before the Storm

Today’s feeling rather lighthearted and social, thanks to the influences of Gemini and Venus. Soak it up while you can, because with Mercury stationing direct tomorrow—on Election Day—we’re almost certain to delve into confusion and chaos for a time. (For reference, Mercury, planet of thought and communication, hasn’t stationed direct on an election day since the Bush/Gore race of 2000. So… yeah.)

The Moon Moves into Gemini at 3:58 AM

Overnight, the moon moved into the sign of playful, chatty, curious Gemini. A Gemini moon puts us in the mood for socializing—but nothing too heavy, please! We’re in social butterfly mode, wanting to flit from person to person. There’s nothing we want more than to make the rounds in a light-hearted, fun loving circuit.

We’re more prone to short attention spans right now, and probably find ourselves deflecting uncomfortable situations or sticky emotions with humor. We’re also highly curious—Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac and it ushers in an, um, air of endless possibilities. (Sorry.)

There’s a bit of jittery energy that comes with the territory, which some might enjoy as the buzz of excitement. But if you’re prone to nervous tension or anxiety it could be a bit more uncomfortable for you. Try to channel that energy into something active. Go on an adventure. Seek out new people and experiences. Invite your friends to a backyard shindig.

If you’ve been working on a project or creative idea, you might find that today would be an epic day for a stream-of-consciousness brainstorming sesh. There are no bad ideas today. Don’t pass judgment on the thoughts flitting through your brain. Just write them down as quickly as you can.

The Moon is Trine Venus at 7:32 PM

Later this morning, the moon in Gemini forms a trine with Venus in Libra. This can be a very maternal aspect, so you may have babies on the brain. Or, less literally, you might simply feel a stronger urge to nurture and protect those around you—especially those going through a tough time right now.

The moon and Venus amp up our charm and attractiveness, and you’ll find you’re quite persuasive with those around you. It’s a great time to go after a promotion, a loan, or a favor. You can also use this energy to stand up for others.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.