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Grounded Taurus is Prepping You for Tomorrow’s Intense Full Moon

Today’s planetary energies are a bit challenging, and they’re leading up to an intense full moon (plus Halloween!) tomorrow. Luckily, the moon moving into Taurus tonight will give us a temporary reprieve from all of the edginess and irritability.

The Moon is Square Pluto at 2:19 AM

Overnight, the moon in Aries formed a square with Pluto in grounded Capricorn. This transit causes our impulsiveness to butt up against a bit of introspection, and that can cause some discomfort. It might lead to some compulsive or destructive behavior, and some long-buried wounds or traumas could be pulled to the surface.

It’s quite possible that some of these wounds have to do with family history. Tomorrow’s Halloween (or Samhain), after all. This is a time when the veil between worlds is thinnest, and many people use this time to remember those who have crossed over, which has the potential to bring up old wounds that no longer wish to stay buried. Be on the lookout for emotional power struggles with family members or partners, or reliving past events to feed the grudge monster.

You might wake up in a funk after some uncomfortable dreams. This isn’t fun by any means, but it’s very important not to bury things even further. You need to find a way for that energy to move through you. Talk to a friend, get your thoughts down on paper, or seek out the counsel of a professional. And keep in mind that this is only a temporary transit.

The Moon is Square Saturn at 9:29 AM

This morning, the moon forms a square aspect with Saturn in earthy Capricorn. Squares between the moon and Saturn can cause serious bouts of moodiness and moments of depression, and you may find yourself dredging up past grief and other unresolved matters. (Sensing a theme here?)

This transit might leave you with a slightly restless feeling. A bout of low self-esteem could keep you from openly sharing your emotions, and you might be feeling more isolated and distant from your loved ones than you have been lately.

This mood is pretty consistent with the day up until this point. Take some time to journal your feelings, and see if you can parse any lessons from these energies and the encounters they’ve prompted. Then, take some time to write down some things you’re grateful for to bolster your mood a bit.

The Moon is Opposite Mercury at 12:17 PM

When the moon faces off with Mercury, two things can happen. You’ll be caught up in a war between your thoughts and your emotions, or those energies will combine and open the door to eye-opening discussions and discoveries about your own soul.

Oppositions can be challenging, but they can also hold a mirror up to ourselves and force issues of self-growth. This isn’t a great time for being around a large group of people. We can tend to let our emotions cloud our judgements, and others can get caught up in that whirlwind.

It’s more suited to spend time on your own in self-reflection, or to be around a trusted friend that will let you talk things out without judgement.

The Moon Moves into Taurus at 5:20 PM

This evening, the moon moves into the earthy, grounded sign of Taurus. Generally the moon in Taurus offers us a peaceful, easy feeling. This is welcome after so much fiery Aries energy the last couple of days, and it’s definitely something we’ll need after our day of edginess and irritability.

Taurus blesses us with an extra dose of patience, and generally puts us in the mood to delve into life’s earthly pleasures. Think a night sipping cocoa on your porch, or an evening snuggled up with your favorite person to watch a movie.

We’re feeling romantic and sensual, and looking to up the hedonism a little. Pleasure-seeking is the name of the game.

And enjoy this cozy reprieve tonight. Because tomorrow’s full moon in Taurus + Samhain + Mercury retrograde is gonna be a doozy.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.