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How the Waning Crescent Moon Can Empower Positive Change in Your Life

Every phase of the moon brings with it a special kind of energy. The full moon offers abundance and the completion of projects, while the new moon is a time of fresh starts and new opportunities. But what about the waning crescent?

Rest and Reflect

As the moon wanes from fullness, dwindling to a mere sliver in the night sky, you may feel your energy and priorities shift. This is the final phase of the moon cycle, and as such it represents endings. Not all endings are bad, however. After all, you have to turn the page to start a new chapter.

At this point, your intentions for this lunar cycle have either come to fruition or fallen short in some way. Whatever happened, it’s okay. Take time to rest and reflect on what worked or didn’t–and, most importantly, what you learned from the experience. This is not the time to push harder or start something new.

Mindfully Declutter

The waning moon is also a good time to clear your space, both literally and metaphorically. Clean up your home and work so that you can easily begin the next lunar phase without clutter.

Then take things further and cleanse your spaces of any lingering negative energy or blockages. Our trusty friend’s sage and salt water are helpful here. Either burn some sage or spritz the four corners of the room with salt water to clear out the spiritual cobwebs.

If you’re comfortable trying it out, open the doors and windows and use a broom as you visualize sweeping the negative energy out of your space.

Waning Crescent Moon Journal Ritual

Another habit I find very helpful during this moon phase is to get rid of mental blocks and hangups through journaling. Wait until moonrise and then light a few candles. If you have a favorite incense, get that going as well. Sandalwood is a good choice.

Start journaling about whatever’s on your mind. Let the thoughts and feelings bubble up naturally and without judgment. You might be feeling disappointed or frustrated that something did not work out. You may even be angry at yourself for failing to succeed in the way you planned.

Let that negativity go. As you write, imagine those thoughts being locked into the paper and ink where they can’t trouble you anymore.

At the same time, don’t neglect celebrating your successes. Small victories can get overlooked, so acknowledge the ways that you improved your life and made progress toward your goals.

Clearing space in your home, heart, and head will allow the positive energy of the new moon to fill you more completely.