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Saturn’s in Aquarius: What That Means for Your Sign

Here’s the deal: Saturn spends about three years in each sign of the zodiac. When it’s in your sign, it really affects your life. But depending which sign Saturn is in, there are implications for every other sign, too.

Read on to discover what it means now that Saturn is moving out of Capricorn (where it’s stayed since 2017) and into Aquarius until 2023.


These next three years are big for your friendships. It won’t always be breezy, but you’re going to learn who you can trust. That’s important for you during this time.


Taurus, get ready for a lot of emotional maturity and growth. Your hard work will pay off in the form of a life transition that takes you closer to your goals.


This is a time for new beginnings. You’re going to learn a lot about yourself these next few years. Expect to feel some fatigue with all you have going on. That’s normal. But keep doing your best, and things will work out for you.


Ever-emotional Pisces, you’re about to enter a period of release. It’s time to let go of the things that are holding you back, whether internal or external. Be more honest with yourself.


You’ll be tested these next few years, but don’t worry – you can handle it! Keep a close eye on your wallet and be smart about spending.


Your mouth tends to get you in trouble, and that’s something you’re going to learn to control a bit better these next few years. You’ll likely find yourself wanting to stay close to home and dive deeper into your interests.


Feisty Scorpio, you are no stranger to your emotions. But while Saturn is in Aquarius, you’ll find yourself developing better coping tools. Be aware of how you’re feeling – write down your thoughts and share them with people you trust.


Libra, it’s time to adjust whatever in your life is hindering your happiness! Know your worth, go easy on yourself and others, and don’t be surprised if relationships are rocky at the beginning of this transition. The lessons you learn will be worth it.


Try something new! It’s a good time for you to do so. Is there anything you’ve been wanting to try, but just couldn’t find the time? Make time now.


It’s time for you to enjoy more solid relationships. Don’t let a fear of commitment scare you away from people who want to treat you well. But of course, make sure you know what you want in a partner, too!


Saturn in Aquarius is going to help you be more independent. You might notice this pattern as you encounter situations that will teach you to be more self-reliant.


You will dive deep into something while Saturn is in Aquarius – you know, like you always do. What that will be depends on the ideas you start to develop in the coming months. Not old ones, new ones. You’re getting in touch with yourself in ways you never have before.