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The Sun, Moon, and Mars Are Bringing All the Good Vibes Today

We’re feeling positive and social today, thanks to the sun, moon, and Mars dancing through the sky together. Soak up those energetic vibes—because tonight the moon moves into Cancer, and we’ll all be taking things down a notch.

The Moon is Square Neptune at 1:09 AM

A little after midnight last night, the moon in Gemini squared off with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. This transit can cause us to feel a bit raw and sensitive, even questioning reality. You’re incredibly susceptible to outside influences right now, and it can be hard to tell what opinions are yours and what you’ve picked up from others. The same thing goes for emotions, and there’s a chance you’re suffering from some empathy burnout.

Because of this bout of haziness, it’s best not to make any big decisions right now. Lucky for you, it happened while we were sleeping (hopefully). Despite this, your psychic urges could be heightened this morning. There might even be a pull to deal your tarot deck or grab another divination tool. Just keep in mind that messages won’t be super clear right now, so write everything down to interpret later.

The Sun is Sextile the Moon at 4:26 AM

A bit later, the sun in Leo forms a sextile angle with the moon in Gemini. This gives us a positive boost of emotional energy that brings harmony to our relationships with friends and family. Our conscious and subconscious parts of our brains fall into balance, and the energy is chill and worry-free.

Early this morning would be a good time to have a calm, collected conversation about a possibly contentious issue with a significant other. This balance and self confidence also make it an opportune time to promote yourself and take initiative in a work situation.

The Moon is Sextile Mars at 7:12 AM

This morning, the moon in Gemini forms a sextile with Mars in fiery Aries. This is a passionate and playful transit. We’re feeling competitive and cooperative, and may want to both express our need for independence and be a part of a group simultaneously. You can fulfill both roles by taking the lead on a project, or organizing work around a specific cause you feel strongly about.

If your views are challenged, you won’t back down and will argue your point passionately. But you’ll have a knack to bring others around to your way of thinking, and to align your causes so that you’ll ultimately fight on the same side.

This placement makes you very persuasive; you express yourself with confidence and the people around you respect that. They’ll follow your lead and conviction. It would be good to take advantage of this bout of confidence and bravery.

The Moon Moves into Cancer at 7:34 PM

This evening, the moon moves into its native sign of watery Cancer, and things start to feel more chill. A Cancer moon is a whole vibe—deeply emotional, intuitive, and protective. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing to slow down and withdraw. A Cancer moon can turn us all into homebodies. We want to surround ourselves with things we love, and we want to nurture the people we love.

You could say Cancer is the ultimate hostess—in that lush, comfy, ethereal vibe sort of way. This is unlike Leo, who would be jealous to hear anyone else being referred to as the hostess with the mostest. Leo goes all out with the drama and the wow factor. Cancer just wants you to sink into your surroundings and turn inward to explore and nurture your own soul.

The next days will be filled with sensitivity and empathy, and you might not feel up to a whole lot of forward momentum or corporate ladder climbing. So, consider it a respite to gather your strength before Leo comes roaring through.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.