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Mercury Is Bringing Some Creativity to Our Communication

The moon and Mercury have us in the mood for gabbing and gossiping today. Expect creative convos and fresh, interesting points of view. Just try to keep a balanced perspective—and some tact—as some of these might be tenuous social interactions.

The Moon is Sextile Mercury at 8:30 PM

Tonight, the moon in chatty Gemini forms a sextile aspect with Mercury in fiery Leo. This is a favorable transit, and these signs compliment each other well.

This could put you in the mood for socializing and gabbing. Which, to be fair, can still be quite a challenge in these quasi-quarantined times. But it will be worth it to get creative in your modes of communication today. Take advantage of FaceTime or Zoom calls, and maybe shoot off some voice memos to the people you’d normally chit chat with in person.

What This Could Mean for Your Relationships

Mercury rules communication and the moon rules emotions, so expect some heady, revealing conversations with your nearest and dearest. You’re in tune with your own emotions as well as those of the people around you right now, so those conversations will flow freely and easily.

Communication is the theme of the day. It’s very likely that you’ll receive more attention from friends and family than usual. Unexpected phone calls, emails, texts, and even snail mail may arrive. Just remember to check in on your loved ones as well. Your support and advice might be sorely needed. You could be a shoulder to cry on for a friend in need.

Communication is also key, because Mars and Pluto are still making conflict a highly possible outcome in groups of people. Don’t leave any snide remarks or ambiguous tones of voice up for interpretation.

This transit could bring about some nostalgia or wistfulness. You might be reminded of an old friend, or maybe even hear from one.

What This Could Mean for Your Career

You can expect more communication in general right now, with others seeking you out for advice or counsel. This includes co-workers, who might need validation on upcoming projects. But remember, we’re still under the influence of Mars square Pluto, which can bring about some power struggles with others. Try to remain sensitive to their ideas. Not everything is a competition, and your colleagues’ successes might help you in the long run.

This could be a creatively transformative period for you. You’ve got a tremendous amount of energy right now, and you’re focused on getting ahead. Your memory is razor sharp, and your intuition is on point. Decision-making should feel natural. That clear head also means that routine mental work will feel easier than usual right now.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.