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Too Hot to Handle: Navigating Today’s Leo Moon

We’re starting off our day feeling spicy, thanks to the moon moving into fiery Leo. But that spice can burn the people we love if we’re not careful. Let’s take a look at what else the day has in store, shall we?

The Moon is Trine Mars at 3:19 AM

Overnight, the moon in Cancer formed a trine with Mars in Pisces, bringing with it some seriously spicy energy. This aspect has us feeling daring, sexy, and charismatic, and urges us to make the first move and take the lead.

You’ll find you intuitively know what you want and how to get it, especially in your relationships. It’s OK to be direct and assertive; there’s no reason to fear being bossy or taken the wrong way. Even if you’re typically shy, take advantage of this bout of uncharacteristic boldness.

This is also a time when you’ll find it easier than normal to stand up for yourself and your loved ones in challenging situations. Your energy and enthusiasm will draw people in, and quite honestly will be contagious. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Do something productive with that.

The Moon is in Leo at 8:30 AM

Later this morning, the moon moves into fiery Leo. A Leo moon makes us feel dominant, confident, and expressive. The world is our stage. After a subdued, homebody Cancer moon, we want to be out there living life to the fullest! How much we can physically be “out” is a bit up in the air right now, but the energy is undeniable. This transit will last a couple of days, and we can expect this flirty buzz to stay with us. If you can’t get out on the town, at least dress up for yourself today.

The Moon is Opposite Saturn Rx at 9:26 AM

A bit later, the moon in Leo moves into an opposition with Saturn in Aquarius. That fiery Leo energy is getting a little cagey, and you might be feeling a bit sad, bored, or lonely. Your mood is infectious to those around you right now, and could lead to some issues in your relationships if you take things out on them by laying guilt trips or moping around. This is especially true with the female relationships in your life. You might need to keep to yourself and ride out this funk for the morning and afternoon.

The Moon is Sextile Venus at 9:27 AM

This evening, our energy shifts as the moon in fiery Leo forms a sextile with Venus in playful Gemini. When the moon is sextile Venus, it forms a tender, loving aspect. All types of relationships can flourish under this influence, but it’s especially auspicious for romantic pairings. You might even start a new relationship.

It brings about increased beauty, charm, social popularity, and successful dating experiences. It’s an ideal time to be with your partners and friends, if you’re able to do so right now.

When Leo (fire) and Gemini (air) mingle, they can kindle some playful, spontaneous energy. You might find yourself in the mood to seek out new experiences and fun activities. Lean into it.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.