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A woman looks dreamily over the ocean.

Another Retrograde? Find Out What Neptune Has in Store for You

Today, Neptune stations retrograde. That means an astounding six planets are currently retrograding. Sounds wild, right? You have no idea. Read ahead to find out what Neptune’s transit will mean for you over the next five months.

The Moon is Conjunct Mercury at 4:01 AM

While most of us were sleeping (hopefully), the moon in Cancer formed a conjunction with Mercury in Gemini. This transit can bring out some feelings of increased sensitivity and make mood swings likely. It can cause us to feel overly sentimental and nostalgic, and it’s possible we revisited some bittersweet memories in our dreams. Our intuition and psychic abilities are sharpened under this placement, but our judgment could be clouded by emotional attachment.

It would be good to channel these intense energies into art—specifically writing or speaking. Communication is the key, and it could be a chance to get some things off your chest. Spend some time journaling today, and seek out the counsel (or just the ear) of a trusted woman in your family or circle to help you talk through things.

The Moon is Trine Neptune at 4:21 AM

Early this morning, the moon in watery Cancer forms a trine aspect with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. All of this watery energy brings about a sense of wistfulness and imagination to the day. It would be a great time to focus on creative projects, especially those involving film or video. Working in front of a mirror could also spark some serious creativity.

This is also a good time to meet, or call in, a future partner. Your friends may also seek you out, either for support or advice. You’re happy to oblige both. In fact, you might feel like seeking out ways to support others, perhaps with charitable or humanitarian work.

Your intuition is quite strong for the first part of today, so pay attention to any psychic flashes or hits you might receive. It would be a great day to delve into a divination practice, or perhaps to seek out a tarot or psychic reading from a professional.

Neptune Goes Retrograde at 4:35 PM

Neptune generally moves slowly (it spends around 14 years in each sign, and is currently in Pisces), so this particular retrograde might not be felt as acutely as, say, Mercury. Which is also happening right now, if you hadn’t heard.

Neptune rules things like dreams, visions, and illusions. Retrogrades themselves make us stop, reflect, and reconsider our previously held believes. So Neptune going retrograde could pull back the veil on some long held stories or false realities that have clouded our vision.

For some, this could be quite liberating. For others, it’s a rude awakening to be stripped of their belief systems—one that can accentuate fears and anxieties.

All of this could push us to isolate ourselves, which isn’t helpful for anyone in the current state of things. Reach out to trusted friends and advisors to talk your way through any feelings you have bubbling up.

This is an ideal time for spiritual work. If you’re so inclined, spend some energy studying yoga, meditation, tarot, astrology, or whatever practice speaks to you personally.

The Moon is Opposite both Pluto at 10:13 PM and Jupiter at 11:40 PM

Our heightened emotional state intensifies tonight, as sweet emotional Cancer leans into her more protective and secretive side and moves in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This placement can bring about abrupt ad complex feelings of lack and inadequacy, and cause us to turn inward and try to bottle up our emotions, unable to express what’s going on.

It can also bring on feelings of wanting to hide or numb our feelings away. This placement can stir up relationship drama. Try to stay aware of these inclinations, and find a way to express yourself that’s uplifting and productive.

A bit later, the pendulum swings in the opposite direction, as the moon moves in opposition to Jupiter. With it comes a need to express ourselves, regardless of the consequences.

Moon opposite Jupiter transit brings good feelings and generosity but also the potential for lack of self-control and unwanted attention. Bottling our emotions only leads to explosive outcomes later, so it’s best to try to stay as open as possible throughout the day.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.