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Megan Fox whispers to another woman at an event.

Why Celebrities Use Electional Astrology (And Maybe You Should Too)

Electional astrology, also known as event astrology, is a way to decide the best time for an event based on its astrological auspiciousness. Let’s say you’re planning a large trip, a business launch, or a wedding. Using electional astrology, you would look at the current planetary transits, moon phases, and other big astrological events occurring on that date. This could help you determine how successful that event would be.

Ancient civilizations used electional astrology to plan major events like battles. Important historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, J.P. Morgan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald (and Nancy) Reagan took advantage of the practice as well. Though astrology itself has often been mocked by mainstream society as superstition or pseudoscience, some of our heaviest hitters have relied on it to plan major events in their own lives.

So how does one go about following—and taking advantage of—electional astrology? You could consult a professional astrologer for the most accurate readings. These would take your own personal natal chart into consideration with the current planetary energies.

You could also spend some time researching these things yourself. All the knowledge you’d ever need is out there in books, blogs, and courses. It just depends on how much time you have to spare.

Or you could tune into this site daily to find everything laid out for you in plain terms. Check out your Horoscope every day, and our Astrology News features every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We talk about the current planetary transits, moon phases, and other events that will have an influence on you over the course of your day.

Many celebrities make use of electional astrology when plotting out the moves of their successful careers. Let’s take a look at a few.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has never shied away from talking about astrology publicly. She calls herself a “Lunar Leo Mother Goddess” on her Instagram profile. She’s gone on both Ellen Degeneres’ and Chelsea Handler’s shows and read their natal charts, tapping into things in an eerily specific way for both women.

She’s acutely aware of the influences of planetary transits and what they mean for a person’s daily life.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a huge fan of astrology—specifically Buddhist astrology. She is said to utilize astrology for daily choices as well as larger, more important moments in her life.

She also consults astrology in matters of her health and her career, such as deciding on movie roles. And she prefers for her movies to premier on days that coincide with astrological predictions.


Madonna said in an interview in the 90s that she tracks her planetary influences and reads her horoscope every day. She also was able to speak eloquently about the archetypes of her sun, rising, and moon signs—Leo, Aquarius, and Virgo respectively—and what those energies manifest in the way she conducts her daily life.