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Ask Andie: Why Are Some Zodiac Signs Lucky in Love?

Every week, astrologer Andromeda Davis finds answers to your most important questions. Love, money, success-it’s all written in the stars!

Dear Andie:

Why am I still single?! It seems like all of my friends are in happy relationships while I’m all alone. I’m an Aquarius, if that helps. Are some Zodiac signs just luckier in love than others? Am I just doomed to stay single forever?

Sincerely, Sick of Going Solo

Dear Solo:

First of all, try to stop measuring your life compared to others. For every couple you look on with envy, there’s someone in a long-term relationship who wishes she had your independence. The grass is always greener on the other side of the Zodiac.

It’s not that some signs are more likely to find love while others are “doomed” to be alone for the rest of time. Instead, think of it like this. Aquarius is a very independent, free-spirited sign. You like to have the freedom to follow your dreams wherever they take you, and that’s hard to do with a partner who doesn’t necessarily share the same ideals.

Aquarius is also prone to exploring less traditional relationships, so ask yourself if you even want the kind of life your friends all seem to have. Maybe you’re just experiencing classic FOMO–fear of missing out.

But I’d be willing to bet my favorite rose quartz crystal that you wouldn’t enjoy being tied down by a relationship. In fact, if you look back at your romantic history, you might find that you’ve sabotaged your relationships before they developed into something more serious!

Love and Light, Andie

Zodiac Signs That Don’t Like to Be Tied Down

Aquarius–Total free spirits. Cares more about saving the whales than going on dates. Makes deep connections to people, not interested in traditional relationship roles.

Sagittarius–Loves adventure more than anything else. Great for a fling on vacation or a casual partner, but don’t expect them to call you in the morning.

Aries–Wants to play the field. Enjoys the chase, but can’t figure out what to do once they’ve won. Always looking for the next challenge.

Zodiac Signs Who Can’t Wait to Settle Down

Taurus–Has already bought matching cemetery plots for you both. Made your favorite meal on the first date. Wants to live in a romantic comedy.

Cancer–Sends you dozens of text messages throughout the day just to let you know they’re thinking about you. Ready to get married right now. Will fight anyone who hurts you.

Scorpio–Will destroy you if you tell anyone what a softie they are. Secret romantic. Super intense; will get your name tattooed on them at some point.