My Sign Says

The Stars Are Trying to Balance the Good With the Bad

The day starts off with a positive sextile and ends with a positive sextile, but sadly two volatile squares are sandwiched in-between. Don’t let the less-than-favorable transits sour your day, because the lunar sextiles are here to endow you with impeccable social skills and success. 

The Moon Is Sextile Mercury at 10:29 AM

Around breakfast time, the moon in fiery Sagittarius forms a sextile aspect with Mercury at home in kind-hearted Libra. This is a favorable transit, and these signs complement each other well. Mercury rules communication, and the moon rules emotions, so expect some heady, revealing conversations with your nearest and dearest.

You’re in tune with your own emotions as well as those of the people around you right now, so those conversations will flow freely and easily.

Communication is the theme of the day. It’s very likely that you’ll receive more attention from friends and family than usual. Remember to check in on them as well. Your support and advice might be sorely needed. You could be a shoulder to cry on for a friend in need.

Your memory is razor-sharp, which could bring about some nostalgia or wistfulness. You might be reminded of an old friend, or maybe even hear from one. That clear head also means that routine mental work will feel easier than usual right now.

The Sun Is Square the Moon at 4:38 PM

This afternoon, the sun in Virgo forms a square with the moon in Sagittarius. We are struggling to keep the positive attitude from earlier. This transit can perpetuate problems with your health, your family, or your relationships. These problems can lead to awkward social situations and public disputes.

If you are finding it hard seeing eye-to-eye with another person, simply walk away. Save your energy for more productive matters.

The Moon Is Square Neptune at 5:31 PM

Later, the moon in erratic Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. This might have us feeling a bit raw and sensitive, even leading to us questioning reality. You’re incredibly susceptible to outside influences right now, and it can be hard to tell which opinions are yours and which you’ve picked up from others. The same thing goes for your emotions, and that can be downright exhausting.

Your imagination and psychic urges are heightened. There might even be a pull to deal your tarot deck or grab another divination tool. Just keep in mind that messages won’t be super clear right now, so write everything down to interpret later.

The Moon Is Sextile Jupiter at 9:42 PM

In the evening, the moon in Sagittarius forms a sextile with Jupiter in Aquarius. The energy of the day is shifting. This is a social aspect, and you may be longing for more fun and lighthearted interactions than have been available in the recent past. Luckily, all of that seems to be turning around as of late.

Today, you’ll have an urge to reconnect with old friends and family you’ve lost touch with. It’s a warm and welcoming transit for all relationships in our lives, but specifically those with women.

You’re feeling open, honest, and a bit vulnerable with your feelings. Making new connections will be easy. You’re feeling generous with your time, energy, and resources, and might look for group activities meant to help others.

All aspects mentioned here are in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.