My Sign Says

The Moon in Cancer Gives Us a Safe Space

Today, the moon finds its home in Cancer, and brings with it a sense of peace and belonging. A lunar square with Mercury may cause us to retreat within ourselves. But a well-balanced sextile between the sun and the moon will give us a safe space to express our emotions.

The Moon Moves into Cancer at 1:21 AM

In the wee hours of the morning, the moon moves into its native sign of watery Cancer, and things will probably start to feel very chill. A Cancer moon is a whole vibe—deeply emotional, intuitive, and protective. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing to slow down and withdraw. A Cancer moon can turn us all into homebodies. We want to surround ourselves with things we adore, and we want to nurture the people we love.

You could say Cancer is the ultimate hostess—in that lush, comfy, ethereal vibe sort of way. This is unlike Leo, who would be jealous to hear anyone else being referred to as the hostess with the most-est. Leo goes all out with the drama and the wow factor. Cancer just wants you to sink into your surroundings and turn inward to explore and nurture your own soul.

The next days will be filled with sensitivity and empathy, and you might not feel up to a whole lot of forward momentum or corporate ladder climbing. So, consider it a respite to gather your strength before Leo comes roaring through.

The Moon Is Square Mercury at 7:41 AM

Later in the morning, the moon in Cancer forms a square with Mercury in Libra. This transit is setting up a bit of a standoff between our emotions and our thoughts.

This could lead to some possible conflict and irritability. While you’re hashing things out in your own head, be careful not to push your opinions or criticism onto others. Your emotions are swaying your thoughts too much, and you could end up doing permanent harm to a relationship if you insist on a debate.

Instead, channel that energy in a more productive way. Maybe some time spent on intensive organizing could be beneficial? You’re in the perfect frame of mind to do some deep cleaning of your physical space.

The Sun Is Sextile the Moon at 8:50 PM

This evening, the sun in Virgo forms another sextile angle with the moon in Cancer. We get a positive boost of emotional energy that brings harmony to our relationships with friends and family. Our conscious and subconscious parts of our brains fall into balance, and the energy is chill and worry-free.

Because you’re so emotionally balanced under this transit, and can keep a cool head in normally heated situations, this would be a good time to have a calm, collected conversation about a possibly contentious issue with a significant other. This balance and self-confidence also make it an opportune time to promote yourself and take initiative in a work situation.

All aspects mentioned here are in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.