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The Moon in Sagittarius Is Bottling Up Our Emotions

Venus in Libra is bringing out our romantic feelings. But as lunar Sagittarius forms squares with not one but two planets, we may end up repressing those feelings if we are not careful.

Venus Moves into Libra at 12:25 AM

After a month of Venus hanging out in the sign of calm and compassionate Virgo, she finds a home in romantic and kind Libra. This aspect could give us a new appreciation for all forms of love and beauty.

Since Libra represents harmony, and Venus rules beauty and aesthetics, this is a fantastic time to strengthen our bond with our loved ones. Plan a date with your partner or a night out with your friends. This is also a great time to indulge in some artistic or creative hobbies. Surround yourself with beautiful people and beautiful art.

The Moon Is Square Mercury at 1:57 PM

Early in the afternoon, the moon in Sagittarius forms a square with Mercury in Virgo. This transit is setting up a bit of a standoff between our emotions and our thoughts.

This could lead to some possible conflict and irritability. While you’re hashing things out in your own head, be careful not to push your opinions or criticism onto others. Your emotions are swaying your thoughts too much, and you could end up doing permanent harm to a relationship if you insist on a debate.

Instead, channel that energy in a more productive way. Maybe some time spent on intensive organizing could be beneficial? You’re in the perfect frame of mind to do some deep cleaning of your physical space.

The Moon Is Sextile Saturn at 2:38 PM

Almost an hour later, the moon in Sagittarius forms a sextile with Saturn retrograding in Aquarius. This transit might have you dwelling on the health, safety, and overall well-being of your loved ones and your community. You may have an urge to physically feed, shelter, or protect them.

You could also be feeling wistful about loved ones and family or ancestors who are no longer with us. If that Sagittarius energy is feeling abundant, public acts of service or demonstrations could be the answer. If you’re feeling introspective and melancholy, perhaps some time organizing photos or keepsakes could be healing.

The Moon Is Square Mars at 6:32 PM

This evening, when the moon forms a square with Mars in Virgo, it can bring some moodiness to the surface. It will be incredibly important to remain aware of this so you don’t lose control of your temper and cause harm to those around you.

Be on guard for emotional attacks from others as well. You won’t help things by reacting in a rash or impulsive way. You also won’t be doing yourself any favors by bottling up these emotions. You’ll need to strike a balance today, perhaps by channeling that energy productively on your own. Physical activity or journaling could help here.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.