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Calm Capricorn Has to Compete With Volatile Virgo

Mars and Venus must be having a lovers quarrel because they are filling the sky and our lives with hostile energy. Thankfully, the moon in Capricorn promotes patience and rationality to help us combat whatever vitriol we face today.

The Moon Moves into Capricorn at 2:00 AM

In the wee hours of the morning, the moon moves into the earthy, grounded sign of Capricorn. Under a Capricorn moon, we’re inspired to get down to business. We want to feel productive and are looking for substance, not small talk. This transit is great for pushing past barriers and overcoming obstacles.

Capricorn lends patience and discipline to the emotional energy of the moon and everything we’re doing during this transit. You may find yourself feeling more thrifty and budget-conscious, as well as more careful and conservative in your decision-making. You’ll be less interested in taking risks than you are in building something that lasts.

What’s a good use of your time and energy right now? For the next couple of days, it might be best to establish a single goal and see it through to completion rather than multitasking.

The Moon Is Square Venus at 6:30 AM

Around breakfast time, the moon in Capricorn forms a square with Venus in Libra. This transit turns our minds to our need for love and affection. If we don’t feel seen or appreciated by a partner or friend, it could lead to some moodiness or impulsivity. And that’s something that could be disastrous to act upon.

This tends to be a very sentimental transit, and can have us toiling away in our memories. You might be reliving important moments (or remembering important people) in your dreams. It could also put you in the mood to seek out people from your past.

Serious work matters will feel like an uphill trudge right now. If you can push things off until tomorrow, seeking out people or activities that bring you pleasure and joy will be much more beneficial for your psyche.

Mercury Is Conjunct Mars at 11:30 PM

In the evening, Mercury in anxious Virgo forms a conjunction of Mars also in Virgo. This transit can be challenging at times, and it means we might be feeling a bit out of sorts. We’re prone to be nervous, easily excitable, and sarcastic towards others. We are intolerant of things we find tedious.

Rushed thinking can make us feel short-tempered and aggressive. When we don’t think things through, we tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly. It’s easy to take things out of context and jump to conclusions when what we really need to do is slow down and center ourselves. Listen carefully to what’s being said, and think twice before responding. Also, avoid making big decisions or entering into any sort of negotiations until you feel more grounded and settled.

The Moon Is Trine Mars at 11:40 PM

Later, the moon in Capricorn forms a trine with Mars in Virgo, bringing with it some seriously spicy energy. This aspect has us feeling daring, sexy, and charismatic, and urges us to make the first move and take the lead.

You’ll find you intuitively know what you want and how to get it, especially in your relationships. It’s OK to be direct and assertive; there’s no reason to fear being bossy or taken the wrong way. Even if you’re typically shy, take advantage of this bout of uncharacteristic boldness.

This is also a time when you’ll find it easier than normal to stand up for yourself and your loved ones in challenging situations. Your energy and enthusiasm will draw people in, and quite honestly will be contagious. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Do something productive with that.

The Moon is Trine Mercury at 11:41 PM

Around the same time, the moon in Capricorn forms a trine with Mercury in Virgo, making us feel like we’re seeing things clearly for the first time in a while. Our feelings and intuition are balanced by our rationality and keen perception, ultimately leading to self-awareness and sound judgment.

This is a great time to use a social platform to share your insights with others. Whether that’s through public speaking, writing, or any other form of communication that’s calling to you, you should let your voice be heard.

Pay close attention to the dreams you had last night; they could have some insight to share with you. You may even have a revelation about your childhood or family history. Keep your mind open, and record any intuitive flashes as they happen.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, please adjust for your time zone.