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Leo Season Is Here and It’s Time to Soak Up the Sun

Leo has come home to the sun and now the summer fun can truly begin. Leo’s playfulness coupled with Capricorn’s charisma ensures that we are going to have a great day… after a somewhat tumultuous morning.

Venus Is Opposite Jupiter at 9:39 AM

This morning, Venus in critical Virgo forms an opposition with Jupiter in naive Pisces. This transit makes us want to shirk off responsibility and play instead. Hopefully, at this point, you’ll be able to do so. But if you currently have work to do, you’ll have to dig deep for the motivation to stay on task. Detail-oriented jobs will be a special challenge right now.

If you are able to blow off steam, congratulations! You’ll be feeling more playful and affectionate than usual, and making new friends (and lovers) will come easily.

The Sun Moves into Leo at 10:18 AM

About an hour later, the sun crosses over into its native sign of Leo. Leo season brings a bright, bold, and playful energy. It helps us step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. It encourages bravery, creativity, and self-expression. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air after all of the introspective and emotional heaviness of Cancer season. The lion’s not a homebody like the crab—he gets us to break out of our shells and play in the sunshine for a change.

It’s no coincidence that Leo season is at the height of summer. It’s a perfect time to gather with loved ones and soak up those summer vibes. The world is still shrouded in uncertainty, but make time to connect with friends and family during this season as much as you are able.

The Moon Is Trine Uranus at 6:28 PM

Tonight, the moon in Capricorn forms a trine angle with Uranus in Taurus. This transit can bring change and excitement to your private life, but without all of the chaos. You could feel a little antsy, like something big is in the air. Trust your gut. As we’ve already discussed, your intuition is sharp today, and if you stay flexible and go with the flow, great things could happen.

You might work up the courage to break the ice with a new friend or possible lover, and as we already mentioned, you may find yourself attracted to those outside of your normal “type.” Just keep in mind that this energy is more impulsive and playful than commitment-minded. Get out there and try something new, whether in a social situation or in another activity.

This could be a great time to focus on breaking bad habits or breaking out of relationships that have run their course. Emotional breakthroughs might also show up tonight. Stay open-minded and pay attention.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.