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The Moon in Libra Is Here to Take the Edge Off This Week

After a week of ups and downs that felt like it just would not end, here we are, safe and sound at the weekend. And while we were sleeping, gentle Libra came sweeping in, giving today a peaceful easy feeling. It’s about time, right?

The Moon Moves into Libra at 4:50 AM

Overnight, the moon moved into peace-loving, open-minded Libra—the absolute queen of deliberation and the pros/cons list. Libra loves beauty and balance and absolutely hates confrontation and chaos.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so focusing on those two things is quite natural during this transit. Pamper yourself or a loved one. Experiment with your personal style. Spend some time revamping your home decor.

You’ll feel a bit more social than you have lately, and you’re open to new connections and acquaintances. However, it’s likely that you won’t want to spend time around a crowd of people. It’s a good time to spend some uninterrupted moments with a friend, peer, or partner.

Libra is the sign of projection, and you may be longing to see yourself in someone else’s eyes. You’re likely to spend time with someone you feel is a mirror of yourself—or at least a mirror of a certain aspect of yourself. It’s good to spend this transit with one specific sounding board or confidante. It would be an excellent time for collaboration with that person.

It’s also a good time for lighthearted entertaining and socializing, just maybe not in huge groups.

For the next couple of days, we’re really drawn into other people’s points of view, because we long to see all sides of a situation. A friendly debate could be fun, but your main goal is peace, harmony, and understanding. We want to bring balance to every situation.

This could cause us to be overly sensitive to some reactions. And going out of your way to ensure everyone around you is happy could give others the idea that you’re a pushover. Be very conscious of your boundaries so that you don’t end up being walked all over.

The Moon Is Sextile Mars at 12:29 PM

This afternoon, the moon in lovely Libra forms a sextile aspect to Mars in fiery Leo. This is a passionate and playful transit. We’re feeling both competitive and cooperative; we may want to both express our need for independence and be a part of a group simultaneously.

You can fulfill both roles by taking the lead on a project or organizing work around a specific cause you feel strongly about.

This placement makes you very persuasive; you express yourself with confidence and the people around you respect that and follow your lead and conviction. It would be good to take advantage of this bout of confidence and bravery.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.