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Hate Drama? Avoid These Truly Toxic Zodiac Pairings

Some zodiac signs go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Others are more like ammonia and bleach–totally toxic.

When opposing signs interact, they can often balance each other; however, some zodiac signs amplify their worst qualities, creating a relationship dynamic that’s unhealthy for everyone.

For example, two fire signs–an Aries and a Leo–will probably have a very passionate relationship. They might also become competitive, jealous, and prone to fighting.

Remember, no zodiac sign is inherently bad, but some combinations can bring out the worst in both of you. Understanding how the more volatile pairings of the zodiac interact with each other can help you avoid problems with your significant other.

Aries & Taurus

Aries loves to pick fights. Taurus loves to win them. This couple will constantly butt heads–and when you’re talking about a ram and a bull, they can do some serious damage to each other.

Taurus’s perfectionism and stubbornness will only encourage Aries to act out in increasingly immature ways. An Aries/Taurus pairing will struggle to recover from arguments since Aries will try to run away and cool off while Taurus will demand explanations and keep talking until their partner agrees with them.

Gemini & Virgo

What happens when you combine a flighty chatterbox and an organized type-A overachiever? A miserable and toxic relationship. Virgo will be constantly annoyed by Gemini’s impracticality and impulsiveness.

Gemini, meanwhile, will feel stifled by Virgo’s constant disapproval. Instead of being a grounding force for Gemini, Virgo’s attitude will clip their free-spirited wings. Virgo will ultimately resent Gemini in this pairing–and once you resent your partner, there’s no coming back.

Scorpio & Leo

There’s no denying the powerful chemistry between these signs. Scorpio’s dark allure is the shadow to outgoing Leo’s flame. They are a dynamic, irresistible pair–and their relationship will be a complete disaster in the end.

A big part of the problem? Leo loves an audience and will want to show off their love to the world. Scorpio, however, is deeply private and uncomfortable with the idea of strangers knowing their business. Despite scorching heat in the bedroom, this toxic pairing is doomed to flame out.

Cancer & Sagittarius

Talk about bringing out the worst in each other! When Cancer and Sagittarius get together, it almost always becomes an awkward grownup/child dynamic. Dutiful, nurturing Cancer will slip into a parental role but secretly resent not having an equal partner. And given the opportunity to avoid responsibility, Sagittarius will stop making an effort to act like an adult.

After all, if someone else wants to take care of everything, then they might as well have fun! Cancer may also push for a commitment early, while Sagittarius would rather just take it easy without putting labels on anything.