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Hey Scorpios, These are Your Best—and Worst—Love Matches

Scorpio, you misunderstood creature, you. Everyone wants to label you as so dark and intense and, let’s face it, a little scary. But you’re just searching for that special someone who truly gets you. Just like everybody else.

Sure, your true love needs to have enough emotional and intellectual depth to keep you intrigued. They need to be able to hang through (and maybe talk you down from) some dark and twisty moods. And you’re not going to waste your time unless the physical relationship has a certain amount of… intensity.

But even though that sounds like a tall order, there are other signs out there that could be an amazing match. (Without resorting to snagging yourself another Scorpio, that is. Could it be an amazing match? Of course. But I don’t need to tell you that a scorpionic pairing will likely result in some serious fireworks. And flamethrowers. And maybe a few molotov cocktails.)

So let’s take a look at your healthiest, and most toxic, romantic pairings in the zodiac. You ready?

Best: Cancer

With Cancer, a cardinal water sign, your desires for intense emotional connections and intimacy are mirrored. You’ll make each other feel seen, wanted, and needed—things you both thrive on.

Best: Capricorn

With Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, you’ll find a great partner-in-crime. Their patience and determination will complement your intensity and imagination. There’s also no lack of sexual chemistry in this match.

Best: Pisces

With Pisces, a mutable water sign, your emotional needs will be more than taken care of. Pisces is also someone who doesn’t mind when their partner takes charge from time to time—which, admit it, sounds pretty appealing to you.

Best: Virgo

With Virgo, a mutable earth sign, their more meek and unassuming approach to life can balance out your more natural strength and (sometimes) aggression. Virgo is drawn to your confidence, and they’re a calming influence for you.

Worst: Gemini

With Gemini, a mutable air sign sign, your desire for intimacy and privacy won’t be appreciated by their social butterfly-ness. You like to dwell on the dark and introspective parts of life, and they really would rather keep things light hearted.

Worst: Leo

With Leo, a fixed fire sign, you’re bound to have some knock down drag outs. You’re both stubborn to a fault, and want very different daily lives. They want to be surrounded by adoring friends, and you want the undivided attention of them and only them.

Worst: Libra

With Libra, a cardinal air sign, you’ll quickly grow tired of keeping up with their freedom-loving ways. You’ve got a jealous streak, Scorpio, and trying to pin down a sign as flighty as Libra will not end well for either party.

Worst: Aquarius

With Aquarius, a fixed air sign, you’ll both feel very strongly about what life should be. And unfortunately those two ideals won’t match up. You want an emotionally intense, one-on-one connection that will make them uncomfortable. Jealousy will become an issue.