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Simple Rituals to Attract Magic into Your Daily Life

Sometimes, our days just drag. Sometimes the repetitiveness is just so mundane we feel like something’s slipping away from us. No one wants to live on autopilot, so we try to live in a mindful, meaningful way. But what does that really mean when you’re staring at the clock on a hum drum Wednesday afternoon?

Ultimately, it’s all a matter of perspective. We can choose to turn our lives into something less ordinary by looking for the extraordinary. Let’s take a look at some ways that we can make every day mundane tasks into rituals that can bring magic into our lives. 

Gratitude Lists

God(dess) I love me some Gratitude Journaling. I can find no quicker way to stop a self-destructive mood dead in its tracks than by literally counting my blessings.

It’s good to keep a journal at your bedside for this. Filling up an entire page of “I’m thankful for…” statements does wonders for the soul, but even a handful of thoughts can have a wondrous result.

So make it a habit, before your feet hit the ground in the mornings, to say three things you’re grateful for. Bonus points if you say them out loud. (Don’t underestimate the power of opening up that throat chakra.)

Shower Meditation

Generally I consider myself a bath kind of girl, but obviously there’s not always time for a languishing soak in the tub. Besides, when you’re needing to perk up, you really need the energy of a shower, not a bath.

The next time you jump in the shower, take a moment to slow down and visualize a beautiful, glowing stream of energy falling down on you, washing all negativity, fear, and doubt down the drain.

Stir It Up

While I’m off caffeine personally, I do still look forward to my cup of decaf, herbal coffee, or other creative elixir in the morning. I may not need the jolt anymore, but still, I need the ritual of a warm, comforting beverage first thing in the morning.

When you’re grabbing your fix, focus on something beautiful and positive you want to manifest in your day, then visualize it while you’re stirring your coffee or tea. (Clockwise, please! Or counterclockwise if you’re focusing on something you’re wanting to release.)

Vibe Shift

One of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration through essential oils. Oils that are particularly high vibe are rose, frankincense, and spruce. But if you’re looking for a pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong throwing in some citrus or peppermint for a little zing.

My go-to blend for before work (for focus and grounding, among other things) is a combination of one floral oil (like lavender, geranium, or rose if you’re a Rockefeller), one citrus oil (I like grapefruit, orange, or lime), and one tree oil (like spruce, pine, or cedar wood).

Add a few drops of each into a diffuser and set it up by your workstation. You can also just drop a few drops into your hands, rub them together, cup them over your nose, and take three deep inhales. As you do, focus on the high frequencies of the oils entering into your body on the inhales, and all your negative energies escaping through your nostrils on the exhales.

Feeling magical yet? Now go show the world what you’re made of!