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You’re Reliving the Past Today, Thanks to Mercury and Venus

This morning’s planetary influences, combined with the moon in dreamy Pisces, are conspiring to keep us in the past. Like yesterday, this might not be the best day for productivity. Take it easy if you can swing it, but do your best to try and stay present.

The Moon is Trine Mercury at 1:40 AM

Overnight, our moon in watery Pisces formed a trine with Mercury in emotive Cancer. This transit is about “aha!” moments, making us feel like we’re seeing things clearly for the first time in a while. Our feelings and intuition are balanced by our rationality and keen perception, ultimately leading to self awareness and sound judgment.

With Mercury in retrograde, it’s possible that some of this clarity has come from pondering past events, or from people from our pasts showing up unexpectedly. Sometimes spending time rehashing things can be beneficial in the long run. Just make sure to get out of your own head today, too.

This is a great time to use a social platform to share your insights with others. Whether that’s through public speaking, writing, or any other form of communication that’s calling to you, you should let your voice be heard. Just remember to pay special attention to the details right now, so nothing gets lost in translation.

The Moon is Square Venus at 7:22 AM

This morning, the moon in Pisces formed a square with Venus in chatty Gemini. This transit turns our minds to our needs for love and affection. If we don’t feel seen or appreciated by a partner or friend, it could lead to some moodiness or impulsivity. And that’s something that could be disastrous to act upon.

This tends to be a very sentimental transit, and can have us toiling the day away in our memories. It could also put you in the mood to seek out people from your past.

Serious work matters will feel like an uphill trudge right now. If you can push things off until tomorrow, seeking out people or activities that bring you pleasure and joy will be much more beneficial for your psyche.

The Moon is Sextile Uranus at 9:59 AM

Later on this morning, the moon in Pisces moved sextile of Uranus in Taurus, stimulating personal encounters and exciting events. This transit has us feeling open to change, and might even urge us to seek it out. It’s a great time to try something new because of these lowered inhibitions.

This placement sharpens your intuition and improves decision-making abilities. Follow your instincts and make the most of every opportunity you’re granted. You may receive flashes of insight on how to solve longterm problems in new, creative ways.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.