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The Moon in Libra Wants Us to Get Out More

Thanks to lunar Virgo, we may feel overly sensitive and anxious. You may feel very passionate about things. But that passion can lead to heavier emotions. But worry not, because the moon is gliding over into Libra, encouraging us to get out of the house and out of our heads.

The Moon Is Opposite Neptune at 9:31 AM

This morning, the moon in Virgo moves opposite Neptune in dreamy Pisces. You feel stuck in your own head, with heightened sensitivity and creativity. Just be careful not to overthink and hurt your own feelings, because you’re susceptible to that at the moment.

Your fears might try to overshadow your intuition. You may also be taking things others say personally or out of context. Don’t take your feelings too seriously right now. They’re only a temporary situation.

The Moon Is Trine Pluto at 1:47 PM

This afternoon, the moon in Virgo forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This might cause you to feel extra sensitive. You’re feeling things more powerfully and are easily moved by people—perhaps one person in particular, with whom you likely share karmic ties.

You’ll also find yourself delving deep into everyone’s emotions today, and you’re drawn to darker, unspoken, or taboo subjects.

Pluto is a planet of transformation; it creates space for reflection. This would be a great time to slow down and take stock of the personal transformations these past few months have brought.

It’s also worth taking a look at the transformations this time has brought to society as a whole. Pluto is the planet of destruction and rebirth, and it’s currently in the sign of Capricorn, which rules finances, business, and government. Just think about that for a minute.

The Moon Is Conjunct Mars at 3:23 PM

A couple of hours later, the moon in anxious Virgo will form a conjunction with Mars in, guess who? Anxious Virgo. Double the Virgo, double the fun. It should be no surprise that this placement can bring about some passionate emotions. It can also instill a zest for life and an energy that’s infectious to everyone around you.

We may be wearing our hearts on our sleeves today, and the healthiest thing we can do is clear the air when a strong emotion comes up. Though you might not be able to hold those emotions in even if you tried.

Today, you might be feeling bold and brave, and wanting to take quick and decisive action. There’s also the chance of some irritability if people don’t get behind your plans. You should communicate what you need, but try to channel that into a physical activity instead of blowing up at your loved ones.

The Moon Moves into Libra at 11:20 PM

In the evening, the moon moves into peace-loving, open-minded Libra—the absolute queen of deliberation and the pro/con list. Libra loves beauty and balance, and absolutely hates confrontation and chaos.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so focusing on those two things is quite natural during this transit. Pamper yourself or a loved one. Experiment with your personal style. Spend some time revamping your home decor.

You’ll feel a bit more social than you have lately, and you’re open to new connections and acquaintances. However, it’s likely that you won’t want to spend time around a crowd of people. It’s a good time to spend some uninterrupted moments with a friend, peer, or partner.

Libra is an air sign, and as such, words can flow quite easily right now. It’s a good time to express yourself in writing or to give a presentation on a cause you’re passionate about. You’re drawn to intellectual topics, arts, and culture.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.