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Pisces Will Make You Face Your Feelings Today

This morning, we may very well be dealing with some anger issues when the moon squares off with Mars. Luckily, it’s a fleeting transit, and the rest of the day will be a bit calmer. Though not without emotion, thanks to the moon in Pisces.

The Moon Is Square Mars at 9:55 AM

This morning, when the moon in Pisces forms a square with Mars in Gemini, it can bring some anger to the surface. It will be incredibly important to remain aware of this so you don’t lose control of your temper and cause harm to those around you.

Be on guard for emotional attacks from others as well. You won’t help things by reacting in a rash or impulsive way. You also won’t be doing yourself any favors by bottling up these emotions. You’ll need to strike a balance today, perhaps by channeling that energy productively on your own. Physical activity or journaling could help here.

The Moon Is Conjunct Neptune at 10:07 AM

Mere minutes later, the moon in Pisces forms a conjunction with Neptune in its natural home of dreamy Pisces. So much Pisces energy today, am I right?

You may feel like you’re being dosed with empathy, and it can become physically overwhelming. You could be feeling confused as to which emotions are your own and which belong to the people around you – or the people on social media because you better believe that energy bleeds through screens.

This transit requires a great deal of conscious self-awareness. The key is filtering out all the noise and doing something productive with that sensitivity. Lend your time, energy, and empathy to those who need it most right now.

The Moon Is Sextile Pluto at 7:42 PM

Tonight, the moon in emotional Pisces forms a sextile with Pluto in grounded Capricorn. This transit can expose deeply buried emotions that need to be dealt with at the surface.

It’s possible that you could have some very eye-opening encounters that reveal exactly how you feel about someone. And in turn, you could learn exactly how they feel about you. Even if this proves to be uncomfortable, It’s an experience that will provide you with a good deal of growth. And at least you’ll know how to move forward.

This has the potential to be a period of rebirth, allowing you to release old habits and destructive patterns from the past. Right now you can easily get to the root cause and integrate those lessons you need to move beyond it.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.