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Mars in Taurus Says Its Time to Slow Down

Things are rather tame in the skies today, with the moon forming favorable aspects with both Saturn and Jupiter, newly settled into the sign of Aquarius. Then tomorrow, we see Mars, planet of action and drive, settle into earthy, grounded Taurus. This is another signal that 2021 is shifting gears, and the respite it offers could be a welcome relief.

The Moon Is Trine Saturn at 4:18 AM

Overnight, the moon in Libra formed a trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This placement brings about the patience and emotional strength (or perhaps detachment) to allow you to handle sensitive or difficult relationship issues. It also brings on strong instincts of common sense, allowing you to make important decisions about home, family, and relationships.

This is an incredibly stabilizing transit and generally puts us into a very reserved and conservative state of mind. It happened while we were asleep, however, so its influence on us today is fleeting.

The Moon Is Trine Jupiter at 7:21 AM

This morning, the moon in Libra also forms a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius, and it puts us in a pleasant, lighthearted state of mind. It’s an ideal time to share your emotions with others. Your relationships will benefit from openness and honesty.

You’re in a generous mood and feeling very sociable. This transit can bring about social success and material gain.

Mars Moves into Taurus Tomorrow at 4:46 PM

After six months of residing in its home sign of fiery Aries, Mars — the planet of action, motivation, and passion — is moving into grounded Taurus. At face value, this is a stabilizing influence, so it might feel like a relief after the “go, go, go!” of the past several months.

Taurus is much more deliberate, but no less determined, than Aries. There’s a bit more of a “slow and steady wins the race” type of feel. Which for many of us will be a welcome change. Aries wants to burn out before it fades away, and 2020 definitely left us feeling burned out. This shift could make you feel a bit safer — more in control of your own destiny.

But this transit has its cons as well. Mars doesn’t really feel all that comfortable in the sign of the bull. Decision making might feel like more of a challenge, with an urge to weigh your options and proceed extremely carefully. It might take a bit more thought and planning to get ideas or projects off the ground. Things like schedules and to-do lists will be your friends until March 3, when Mars moves into Gemini.

Mars also rules our sex drives, and this transit could affect how we communicate with our partners. There could be a little bit of friction here, with Mars in Venus-ruled Taurus. But Taurus is no stranger to sensuality and sexuality. The pace just might be a bit different. Things might feel a little more slow, deliberate, and maybe even a bit lazy. But at heart Taurus is a pleasure-loving hedonist, so this isn’t an entirely bad thing.

Just keep an open line of communication. If you feel like your partner isn’t paying you all the attention you crave right now, it could lead to anger, resentment, or even jealousy.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.