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7 Things We Adore About Capricorns

You know, Capricorns have gotten a bad rap over the years. The sea goat is sometimes seen as boring or stodgy, but that’s a horrible simplification. (I mean a sea goat? What’s boring about that?)

Like all signs, we completely misunderstand Cap when we paint them with a broad brush. There’s so much more than meets the eye; you just have to put in the time to discover it.

Today, we’re talking about seven traits we love about Capricorns. Does this describe someone in your life?

They’re Always Prepared

Capricorn is someone you want by your side in times of crisis. They keep a level head on their shoulders, and they can think clearly when others might devolve into hysterics.

This level of responsibility can be Capricorn’s calling card, but it also gains them a fair amount of mockery. No one wants to feel like they have to be the grownup in a room full of adult babies. If you’ve got a Capricorn in your life, make sure they feel appreciated for what they do–and don’t just assume they’re going to clean up all of your messes.

They’re Hopelessly Devoted

Okay, so “hopeless” isn’t really the right word here, it just sounded right because of the song reference. Capricorn isn’t going to stay devoted if you (attempt to) walk all over them. They have too much self-respect for that. But being a grounded earth sign means when they open their lives to someone, they expect it to be a lasting situation. They’re incredibly loyal friends and partners.

They’re Good Listeners

Capricorns often surround themselves with chattier people. This doesn’t mean they don’t have their own things to say, but they’re secure enough that they don’t have to tell their life story to everyone who comes along. That loyalty we just talked about means they’ll always be there with a supportive and listening ear.

But They’re Brutally Honest

Despite being a good listener, don’t expect Capricorn to just nod along and praise you for everything you do if you’re actually in the wrong. They have a strong sense of discernment and a dead-on moral compass. If you’re acting the fool, they’ll let you know.

That brutal honesty also gives them a wicked dry sense of humor.

They Have High Standards

Capricorn is confident in their worth; they want the best, and they’re not ashamed to admit it. This is just as important in their relationships as it is in every other area of their life. They’re not one to chase someone down who isn’t interested.

But They Will Let Down Their Guard

Those high standards should make you feel pretty darn good if they open themselves up to you. Cap can often seem aloof when you first meet them, but that usually has more to do with shyness than disinterest. Once they feel comfortable enough to trust you, they’ll show you their sensitive and playful side.

They’re Inspiring

Something amazing happens when a person who seems like they’ve got it all together tells you that you’re capable. You feel like you can do anything. Capricorns can be incredibly inspiring people to be around because of that gift. Two words: Michelle Obama. Enough said.