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It’s Time to Get Down to Business, or So Says This Capricorn Moon

Our moon is in Capricorn right now, which means for the next couple of days we’ll be blessed with the tenacity and fortitude to get stuff done. It might not be the sexiest of transits, but you can bet it’ll be productive.

The Moon Moves into Capricorn at 8:01 AM

This morning, the moon moved into the earthy, grounded sign of Capricorn. Under a Capricorn moon, we’re inspired to get down to business. We want to feel productive and are looking for substance, not small talk. This transit is great for pushing past barriers and overcoming obstacles.

Capricorn lends patience and discipline to the emotional energy of the moon and everything we’re doing during this transit. You may find yourself feeling more thrifty and budget conscious, and more careful and conservative in your decision making. You’ll be less interested in taking risks than you are in building something that lasts. What’s a good use of your time and energy right now?

For the next couple of days, it might be best to establish a single goal and see it through to completion, rather than multitasking.

What This Means for Your Relationships

We’re seeing our relationships through a more practical eye right now. Boundaries are supremely important, and we’re less inclined to put up with mistreatment from those around us. This doesn’t mean we’re gunning for a fight. Capricorn is typically more passive aggressive than outright aggressive. But right now, you know your worth, and you know when to walk away sans drama.

The all-business attitude of the next two days could potentially affect your loved ones if you’re more interested in plotting out your month or planning that next step up the corporate ladder. Be sensitive toward your family and friends, or let them know that you’re buckling down for the time being, and that they can expect you to reemerge in a social capacity in a couple of days. Shallow conversations or small talk might drive you up the wall right now, but don’t give anyone the cold shoulder.

What This Means for Your Career

Now, onto the good stuff. This is an excellent time to work with others on a big project–just be mindful of everyone else’s viewpoints and input. Capricorn likes to lead the charge and dig in their heels when they’re challenged. If you stay mindful of this transiting energy, you should be able to nip some uncomfortable situations in the bud.

It would also be a great time to delve into some detailed work. Draft a budget or a business plan—something that would normally wear on your patience.

It should be no surprise that climbing the corporate ladder is a favorite pastime of Capricorn’s. See if you can find a way to impress your clients or employers. There’s no time to get ahead like the present.

All aspects mentioned here are calculated in Eastern Standard Time. For greater accuracy, convert to your own time zone.