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Did Adele’s Zodiac Sign Play a Part in Her Dramatic Weight Loss?

MY GOD, we love Adele around here. If you haven’t noticed, she’s been featured in quite a few items on this site because we feel she’s just the epitome of Taurean goddess energy. But could some of that energy have contributed to her recent physical transformation? Let’s discuss.

Happy Birthday, Adele!

It’s Taurus season, which means Adele just celebrated her birthday. And she marked her 32nd trip around the sun with a lovely Instagram post thanking her fans for all their heartfelt birthday wishes. She also took time to thank the first responders who’ve been doing such an important job during the pandemic.

But those kind words were not what caught the attention of every news outlet under the sun. Instead, they latched onto the photo—one of a dramatically smaller Adele in a curve hugging black mini dress and heels.

And the Internet Went Wild

Adele herself hasn’t spoken to the public about her rather dramatic weight loss. But you can guess that everyone is speculating wildly on what exactly she did to drop the pounds in what seemed like such a sudden transformation.

Everyone’s weighing in. Weight loss experts, her former personal trainer, “unnamed sources,” and even fans claiming to have overheard her speaking about it while out at dinner.

Some say it was the strict Sirtfood diet. Others claim it was from a dedicated exercise regimen. Still others speculate it was stress from her divorce in 2019. But without her opening up and talking about it publicly, it’s all conjecture.

But What Do the Stars Say?

Being the astro geeks that we are, of course, we’re going to look at her astrological influences and see if that sheds any light on her transformation. And we think some of the Taurean traits that Adele embodies so beautifully could have been a factor.

Does this mean that only Taureans can achieve such dramatic results? Of course not. Does it mean all Taureans could do what she’s done? Unequivocally, no. We’re simply looking at some of the traditional and archetypal strengths of the sign, and how they might have played a role.

A quick caveat first—dramatic as this physical transformation is, it does not define Adele. The woman has won 15+ Grammy Awards. Dropping some pounds does not “suddenly” make her strong willed or determined. Her entire career has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her weight loss is not her greatest accomplishment. /rant.

Now back to our regularly scheduled gushing.

She’s Hard Working

It’s no secret that Taurus can work hard. When they see something they want, they put one step in front of the other until they reach their goal. This is something that Adele has shown her entire career, producing three studio albums, going on three worldwide tours, and winning 18 Grammy Awards before the age of 32.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that she’d also be willing to put in some serious effort into her health and wellness. The last couple of years we’ve seen a steady change in her physique as she publicly talked about physically training for the stamina to get through her tours. She’s made several subtle comments on social media about how much she loves to sweat now, and reportedly uses a combination of cross training and Pilates for her workouts.

She’s Tenacious

Taurus is often accused of being stubborn, which is absolutely 100% true. But the flip side of those stubborn tendencies is the tenacity to really go after what she wants. She went through a lot of changes in the wake of her divorce, and it takes serious tenacity to reinvent yourself in the wake of such a change and manifest your best life.

Her former personal trainer, Pete Geracimo, took to Instagram to talk about her recent transformation. “Since she moved to LA, it’s been well documented that she underwent some tough personal changes. It’s only natural that with change comes a new sense of self and wanting to be your best possible version. She embraced better eating habits and committed to her fitness and ‘is sweating’!”

She’s Committed to Her Family

Taurus is famously home and family oriented, focused on providing for, nurturing, and protecting the ones they love. For Adele, that’s her 7-year-old son Angelo. And according to Geracimo, he’s the reason for Adele’s change in lifestyle.

“I could not be prouder or happier for her! This metamorphosis is not for album sales, publicity or to be a role model. She is doing it for herself and for Angelo.”

He continued, “My hope is that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve herself for the benefit to her and her family only. She did not lose the weight to make others feel bad about themselves. This personal transformation has nothing to do with me or you. It’s about Adele and how she wants to live her life.”

We couldn’t agree more.