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a young man wears a medical mask while he prays

7 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Survive a Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

Face it. Some people are going to be able to handle being self-quarantined better than others during this entire coronavirus mess.

While some might love the idea of being able to sit at home away from the general public, others don’t exactly relish the idea.

Here is how you’re likely to cope, depending on your zodiac sign:

Aries – March 21-April 19

With how much you love to go out and socialize, you’re probably the one who helped spread the coronavirus in the first place.

Who needs to self-quarantine when you can just wait around for authorities to force you into it?

Libra – September 23-October 22

This is your chance to truly shine, Libra. Away from the spotlight, that is. You can spend time doing what you love to do the most—avoiding others while sitting at home playing video games and drinking all the coffee.

At least, before your coffee supplies start to deplete anyway. You can probably start to panic at that point.

Taurus – April 20-May 20

You’re going to be just fine during self-quarantine since your bullish nature means you’re more than prepared as far as supplies go.

You bought two entire pallets of toilet paper last week alone, to the dismay of those people left staring at the empty aisle behind you.

Gemini – May 21-June 20

You were made for this moment. You need only let your anti-social half take priority for a while, letting your social side take a nice rest.

Instead of seeking attention in public, you’ll get to rise to social media fame instead. You should revel in this moment.

Leo – July 23-August 22

Headstrong Leo. Strong Leo. You will protect your family at all costs, even if it means building a coronavirus-proof bunker in your spare time the second you heard it might land where you live.

You’ve got this under control, Leo.

Pisces – February 19-March 20

With your incessant needs, you’ll be just fine, as long as you have someone else to rely on to get you through this.

You’d better hope there will be someone you can rely on to help you get through this, anyway. Let’s just go with that.

Sagittarius – November 22-December 21

You’re the type to go out of your way to help others, so when it comes to being self-quarantined, you made sure that those around you are being taken care of,  including yourself.

The only bummer for others is if they make a wrong move and lost your trust—since you’ll have no issue kicking them to the literal curve if that happens.