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an upset woman holds up an empty wallet

5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Really Bad With Money, Most Likely to Go Broke

What would you do if you were given a $1000 check? Would you save it or try to spend the money wisely, or would you splurge on something that you’ve been eyeballing for a while because you just totally need and deserve it?

Depending on your sign, you might opt for the latter if given the opportunity. The five zodiac signs listed below are far more likely to splurge than to save.

Libra – September 23-October 22

If you were given a wad of cash, you’re so generous that you’d probably start handing it out immediately–but it’s partly because you’re trying to gain favor, and from your deep need to be liked by everyone.

You also just want to help people out, and you’re likely to fall for most hard-luck stories. You find happiness in giving to others, at the expense of your own well-being.

Gemini – May 21-June 20

There are two sides to you, obviously. Part of you is really good at saving money and being responsible, but the other one isn’t–so you kind of meet in the middle when it comes to finances.

Unfortunately, your irresponsible side usually comes out on top since you also have a deep need for variety, and that fickle nature of yours gets in the way.

Aquarius – January 20-February 18

Oh, there’s a new iPhone out? A new trend in cloud back-up storage? Aquarius simply can’t resist staying on top of the newest trends in technology, and you’ll be the first in line every time a new device is announced to come out.

Who needs a new investment account when you could purchase a new computer instead?

Leo – July 23-August 22

Your love language is definitely gifts. If you find yourself with extra money, you immediately start to think about how you can use it to make someone else happy. And you don’t buy just any gift–you opt for the top of the line gifts that your family and friends won’t soon forget.

While you’re at it, you’d probably also opt to gift yourself a little, with a nice spa treatment or getting your nails done.

Pisces – February 19-March 20

All it takes is for you to spy one homeless person, and boom. Your money is gone, but at least it went to a good place, right? And you meant well, because of course you did.

As long as there is someone worse off than you that can use a financial boost, you aren’t going to put yourself first. But you might try snagging at least a few art-related books.